Who We Serve

Have you settled for generic IT support?

Centerpoint IT services a wide-range of small businesses, but we also further specialize in service offerings
to those in specific industries. Through both experience and a mandate for tailored, client-specific service, we help businesses with a variety of focuses to get the most out of their IT systems and increase their productivity.

If you’re looking for managed IT services from an experienced provider that can work with your specific goals in mind, get in touch with Centerpoint IT today at (404) 777-0147 or info@centerpointit.com.


Our range of managed IT solutions can offer you peace of mind, greater cost effect, and less downtime to your systems, all while keeping the needs of your chosen business field in mind. We offer industry-specific services in:


Healthcare: Technology is a crucial asset in the high-speed environment of any hospital. Healthcare workers need the peace of mind that comes with effective IT to focus 100% of their time and energy on providing for patients. Centerpoint IT ensures the best IT set up for healthcare practices to help expedite tasks and improve quality of care.


Financial: Finance is one of most highly regulated industries in which compliance guidelines are continually updated and require companies to keep up. Whatever concern your particular business has with its IT system, our consultants can provide you with a custom designed solution to help you build your business and operate knowing that your data is safe and secure.


Legal: It’s well known that IT is an expected part of modern business in any field – but for few is it as necessary as the legal industry. Centerpoint IT offers services to help manage your caseload, expedite processes, increase productivity, and ensure that your clients’ sensitive data is always secure.


Start-Ups: We know how difficult it can be to develop IT infrastructure, processes and more when you’re just getting your business going. There’s so much to account for that IT can often be left by the wayside, leading to consequences and issues further down the line. While you’re getting your business off the ground, Centerpoint IT can handle your foundational IT development for you so that your technology is prepared to support the first chapter of your new company.


Multi-Location: IT is an undeniably important consideration for businesses that intend to operate from multiple locations. Technology is crucial in keeping your many offices and employees connected and collaborating productively. That’s how Centerpoint IT can help; our business phone expertise – and Unified Communications solution from Allworx – makes use uniquely qualified to help your multiple locations stay connected with each other and boost productivity among your employees.

Reach out to us today to discuss how our managed services plans will improve your business’ operations in its industry of choice. Contact us at (404) 777-0147 or send us an email at info@centerpointit.com for more information.