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What Is Unified Communications?

UC is a collection of communication technologies that work together, smoothly and securely. It provides real-time collaboration and a communications environment where you can reach your colleagues, customers or partners using a number of devices and media.

Imagine getting a phone call on your office phone then seamlessly transferring it to your mobile phone while you head to a client meeting. With UC, you can take your business phone number, chat and voicemail anywhere.

What Is Unified Communications?

Business Class Hosted Telephony

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Why Do You Need Unified Communications?

Why Do You Need Unified Communications?

To be their most productive, your employees need a reliable and secure UC solution that integrates voice and other collaboration tools like instant messaging, web conferencing, and user presence across all devices — mobile or desktop.

By converging these devices and communication methods on a single product, we simplify the complexity and enable your employees to work more productively:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Mobility Apps
  • VoIP Phones
  • Contact Center
  • Business Analytics
  • Call Recording
  • Web Conferencing
  • CRM Integrations
  • IM/ Chat
  • Voicemail

Why Should You Use A Centerpoint IT Elevate Hosted Phone Solution?

We can ensure that your business enjoys the full range of UC benefits, including:

  • Mobility that allows clients and employees to easily connect to the right resources anywhere in the world.
  • Reduced costs, allowing you to reallocate funds to other areas of your business that need attention.
  • Reliable business continuity, protecting your first line of communication from inclement weather, power outages and more.
  • Our team of experts works with you to design the best phone system solution for your business needs.
Why Should You Use A Centerpoint IT Elevate Hosted Phone Solution?

We Will Host Your Elevate UC Solution For You

With a hosted UC solution, instead of installing a phone system on your site, we host it for you in a remote data center in the cloud that your phones connect to over your internet connection.

That means less work for you — our team manages the system, makes any programming changes you need (like setting up auto attendants, setting up new users, etc.), manages your phone numbers and provides user support.

Benefits include:

Lower Initial Costs

Lower Initial Costs

With a hosted phone service, you don’t have to pay for any of the hardware or software licensing up front, except for possibly purchasing the phones. Typically, you’ll just pay a per-seat monthly rate based on the number of users, phones and features.

Scalability And Flexibility

Scalability And Flexibility

Adding additional phone lines and seats is as simple as letting us know. We’ll take care of the rest.

Outsourced Maintenance

Outsourced Maintenance

With us taking care of your hosted phone system, you and your staff never have to worry about upgrades, patches, or any other maintenance tasks. Those tasks happen offsite and after hours, keeping your systems up to date on an ongoing basis.

Better Hosting Facilities

Better Hosting Facilities

Our team maintains your systems in a robust data center with redundant internet connections, power and cooling.

Centerpoint IT Elevate Hosted Phone Solutions

Landlines have long been obsolete, and big VoIP providers are a dime a dozen — don’t bother with them any longer.

Don't let your phone system hold your business back from its full potential any longer. The move to a UC solution like ours offers improvements in efficiency, reliability, and quality, all at an affordable cost.

Get the right solution and the personalized service you need from Centerpoint IT and Elevate.

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