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Staying connected is essential for any organization — and with today's technology solutions such as SDWAN, MPLS & 5G Wireless, it's easier than ever before. Small and mid-sized businesses across Atlanta can now benefit from the reliable business grade voice and Internet services that larger companies have, but without the high price tag and unnecessary complexities.

Centerpoint IT works for you to get the best price and services from all the major Telco and Internet providers. Our team works with you and your suppliers to make sure you are getting the right service and support.

Voice and Internet Services In Atlanta
Internet Access In Atlanta

Business Grade Internet and Voice Solutions

Centerpoint IT has been in the business IT and telecommunications business for many years. Organizations across Metro Atlanta have relied on Centerpoint IT for their business telephone services, day-to-day IT management, cybersecurity and now they can rely on our industry experience and knowledge to get them the right voice service and Internet connectivity.

Cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, cloud telephone services, cloud servers and other online services have made the need to reliable, fast and "always on" Internet a requirement, no longer a "nice to have." Centerpoint IT understands that a minute of downtime from any outage can disrupt the flow of business. This is why we take your communication systems, Internet services and any of your technology seriously.

Why settled with just any IT company when it comes to your total technology needs? Centerpoint IT is the entire package and all for one low monthly fee. Centerpoint IT can bundle all your IT, telephone services and more into a nice monthly package.

Furthermore, no more finger pointing from the IT guy who doesn't want to accept responsibility for your business technology.

Centerpoint IT Complete Voice & Internet Connectivity In Atlanta

SDWAN, Broadband, Fiber, SIP Trunks & More

SDWAN Solutions

Centerpoint IT now offers SDWAN solutions to enhance our client's Internet services. With more and more of your workflow spread out between the office and remote work, the need for always on and always reliable Internet is more than ever. Centerpoint offers SDWAN services to help keep your vital Internet services up and running, around-the-clock

SDWAN Technologies

SDWAN or Software Defined Networking is a virtual WAN architecture, allowing small to large companies across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia to leverage any combination of transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services – to securely connect users to applications and services in the office or in the cloud.

Wide Area Networking

Traditional business networks used conventional routers and firewalls that were never designed for cloud technologies or even the business climate of today. The delays caused by these legacy networks resulted in frustrated users, loss of productibity and poor network performance.


Times have changed, and organizations throughout Atlanta and North Georgia are using cloud solutions and software as a service technologies now more than ever. More and more employees are accessing information in the office but also in the cloud making the need for reliable Internet and voice services now more than ever.

SDWAN In Atlanta

SD-WAN solutions are quickly emerging as a preferred strategy for leveraging the internet. There are numerous key foundational components that come with an SD-WAN, including the bbility to leverage multiple forms of connectivity including broadband, dynamic path selection, zero-touch provisioning, centralized management,dramatic cost reductions.

Internet Connectivity

To achieve the maximum benefit from your SDWAN solution, it’s important to fully investigate all of your options. The question isn't, “How can I deploy an SD-WAN?” but, “how can I build a better business?" Your solution must meet your unique business needs and keep your Atlanta business ahead of your competitors and the marketplace.

Improve Voice Communications

When you partner with Centerpoint IT as your voice and Internet services team, you have the best of all words. Improve communication, stay secure, collaborate with team members, work from anywhere and so much more.

Need Expert Assistance With Internet and Voice Services?

Moving to a new business phone system does not have to be a cumbersome and time-consuming challenge — especially with help from Centerpoint IT.

With our Internet and Voice solutions, you can get rid of the hassles of maintenance agreements, capital expenditure, truck rolls, and lengthy wait periods that traditional service agreements come with.

Don't let your connectivity hold your business back from its full potential any longer. Disentangle yourself from your landlines' limitations and see what the freedom provided by our Internet and Voice services can do for your Atlanta business.

Internet Services In Atlanta

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