Your Guide to Co-Managed IT Services in Atlanta

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Your Guide to Co-Managed IT Services in Atlanta

There’s a common misconception among entrepreneurs and company executives that only two IT management alternatives exist: on-premise IT experts and eternal managed service providers. Overall, these are the most common options. But there’s been a paradigm shift in recent years where business owners now combine their IT staff capabilities with outsourced contractors.

This offers the best of both worlds. Your internal IT executive offers the benefits of an integrated team member with an in-depth understanding of the industry and the company’s strategy and objectives. Supporting them with a reliable outside service could create strategic cooperation. The partnership is known as co-managed IT services.

This article highlights the benefits of co-managed IT services, consideration factors when looking for a reliable service provider, and how Centerpoint IT can help your Atlanta business.

Why You Need a Reliable Co-Managed IT Service

Comprehensive management of the company’s IT infrastructure isn’t a one-person job. Managing the complexity of cybersecurity, IT networks, VOIP, software licenses, industry regulation, hardware replacements, system requirements, and other functions is a lot to expect from a single employee.

Co-managed IT services blend the strategic framework and convenience of an on-premise IT manager with the comprehensive knowledge and support of managed-services. This partnership augments IT responsibilities to establish reactive and proactive IT management.

This benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Cost savings – The company’s internal IT staff can’t negotiate with vendors for the best deals on software and hardware solutions. A managed IT provider already has partnerships with these third-party vendors and will help you get the necessary tools at the lowest cost. Furthermore, you’ll also save on staffing costs since the provider never goes on vacation or require bonus payments and leave.
  • Better repairs – Your internal IT staff may be knowledgeable but will never know everything. Managed services offer a more profound knowledge pool on manageable and intricate IT issues. They’ve experienced different problems, hence know the effective fixes.
  • Better Solutions – IT outsourcing provides your company with cutting-edge IT resources and solutions for effective and efficient functions. Being industry experts, our provider is aware of trends and will continuously update their skills, approach, and toolsets to handle current issues and threats.
  • Time savings – The partnership between your managed service provider and IT department frees up your staff for routine monitoring and testing and other bigger IT projects. While an experienced team handles the bigger projects, your internal team will take care of your day-to-day activities. The provider will also help automate your repetitive operations, releasing the burden of your employees.
  • On-demand professionals –2019 study noted that the US had more than 700,000 vacant IT jobs. According to the report, 85 percent acknowledge that they face difficulties getting the right IT talent. IT outsourcing helps fill this skill gap by supplementing your team with talented professionals to get the jobs done.
  • No more downtime – Downtime is costly and is among the greatest productivity killers. It may result from network issues and other preventable problems. Co-managed IT services ensure routine maintenance, testing, and monitoring to prevent small issues from escalating.

What to Look Out for in a Co-Managed IT Service Company

A simple Google search on co-managed IT services in Atlanta presents numerous results. All these guarantee excellent management for your IT infrastructure and systems, and some offer unimaginably favorable deals. So how do you sift the chaff to find a reputable service provider who understands the industry and can address your needs?

Always have these primary consideration factors in mind when searching:


Security is undoubtedly a vital business focus, but ensuring a highly secure system can be costly. This means that your preferred management service should monitor your infrastructure and offer strategic system security plans.

Rigid IT security keeps your business data secure from threats. With a reliable service provider by your side, all your endpoints will be protected. This minimizes the risk of cybersecurity attacks reaching your network.


You must also consider business growth when looking for a reliable IT management provider. The business demands you experience at the moment may not be the same after several months. As such, your provider should deeply understand the dynamic industry and your changing needs.


Another primary factor to consider is service availability. Your preferred provider should be available around the clock to offer the necessary guidance and address any concerns. Besides just monitoring your systems and network, the agency must also offer a responsive service desk. Anytime you need help, you should reach them, whether via phone call, live chat, or email conversations.

Local Presence

This involves availability but in the physical sense. An IT management provider that offers a local presence is usually advantageous in many ways. Most importantly, they can drop by at the appropriate time to monitor your internal operations and fix any issues that require their physical presence.


Reliable IT management agencies are those with a reputation for successfully handling clients in different sectors. Every industry has its unique scope, and different companies have particular approaches to their operations. A managed service company that has successfully addressed diverse clients’ challenges can sufficiently fulfill your IT requirements and handle your unique needs.

You’re in Safe Hands

More businesses in Atlanta and beyond are enjoying the massive benefits of partnering with industry specialists to achieve strategic co-management of their IT infrastructure. If you’re searching for a company that you can count on for your overall data security, operation efficiency, and an improved bottom line, then you’re home.

Centerpoint’s co-managed IT services will give your Atlanta business a massive boost. We’ll provide professional assistance to meet all your network and system represents and achieve employee efficiency. Our expertise and state-of-the-art toolsets monitor your system around the clock while ensuring compliance with all regulations.

Centerpoint is focused on making IT the simplest yet most effective component of your business. Besides threat protection through security monitoring, you can also count on us for patch and asset management, data archiving and recovery, business continuity, and VCIO services.

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