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VMWare Services in Atlanta (Questions/Answers)

Centerpoint IT has the VMWare specialists that Atlanta area businesses trust to care for their virtualized infrastructure. Our professionals make owning and utilizing virtualized assets easy so you and your team can get more accomplished in the course of a workday.

Centerpoint IT has the VMWare specialists that Atlanta area businesses trust to care for their virtualized infrastructure. Our professionals make owning and utilizing virtualized assets easy so you and your team can get more accomplished in the course of a workday.

What is VMWare?

For those that are unfamiliar with the VMWare line of products, VMWare is a company based out of Palo Alto California that focuses on developing technology that allows Atlanta companies to move from physical servers and desktops to cloud-based virtualized environments as well as on-premise virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization happens when a physical computer or server is replicated within a cloud-based or on-premise server. This creates a “virtual” desktop or server. The advantages of virtualization are:

  • Cost Savings – Instead of paying for several servers for a business, VMWare products allow two or more virtual servers to take up space within one physical server without losing the unique properties of each server’s environment. Virtual desktops operate in the same way. In a virtual desktop scenario, an individual can log onto his/her desktop from anywhere in the world using a web browser and a secure login. Once logged in, the machine they are using will automatically display the settings, applications, operating system, and personal settings of their virtual desktop computer. In addition to the hardware cost savings, companies discover that there is a saving to be gained in their electricity bill if they are running more than one server before moving to a virtualized environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Because there is a saving in electricity and a lowered need for duplicated hardware, a virtualized environment helps companies get a little closer to their goal of going green and lowering their carbon footprint.
  • Simpler Management – A virtualized environment allows for remote management of the virtual servers and desktops. Updates, repairs, and patches on the virtualized machines can be done remotely by an Atlanta IT management company such as Centerpoint IT without the costs and delays sometimes incurred when doing on-site tech visits.
  • Business Continuity – Because it is now possible to replicate and use computers and servers in a cloud environment, business continuity becomes simpler and more natural. When companies use virtual environments powered by VMWare, their employees are already working in the environment they would use in the event of a localized disaster that limited access to on-premise computers and servers.
  • High Mobility – Virtualization has been embraced by businesses that are driving their growth through mobile models of doing business. Whether your employees and salespeople are working within a confined geographic area, or you have a globally diversified workforce, VMWare products, and VMWare consulting from Centerpoint IT make doing business “on the go” make sense.

What Areas of Consulting and Support for VMWare Products Does Centerpoint IT Offer?

Do you want professionals on your side that know the full range and capability of VMWare products and how to harness them for business success?

Do you want to be able to use your virtual computers and servers with the same ease of use you enjoy when operating your physical computers and servers?

We’ll make that happen for you and your employees!

The Centerpoint IT team are VMWare Certified Professionals, and we know how to turn virtualized machines into assets your team can use to drive forward progress.

We have experience supporting:

  • VMware Virtual SMP
  • VMware VirtualCenter
  • VMware Consolidated Backup
  • VMware High Availability
  • VMware VMotion
  • VMware DRS
  • VMware Converter
  • VMware ESX and ESXi Server
  • VMware Single Server Edition
  • VMware PV2
  • VMware VMFS

Why Hire Centerpoint IT to Care For Your VMWare Products?

Every company has its niche.

Every team has that one thing that excites them and motivates them to specialize in that area.

For us, that “one thing” is supporting VMWare products.


Two reasons:

  1. Virtualization is an exciting field and is the direction that technology is headed.
  2. Virtualization presents a unique opportunity and a competitive edge for Atlanta businesses to use in their quest for a greater market share.

The Centerpoint IT team isn’t the new technology kid on the block that’s trying to get you to invest in untested gadgets and gizmos. We’ve been around the block a few times! We know what works and we’ve proven that VMWare products and virtualization can help businesses do their work more efficiently while having the confidence provided by the added virtualization benefits of enterprise-level security, encryption, mobility, and business continuity.

We’d be happy to talk with you further about what virtualization and the right configuration and management of VMWare products can do for your Atlanta company. Just pick up the phone now and call (404) 781-0200 or email us at

Know Someone Suffering From Bad Tech?

Centerpoint IT Wants To Help.