Financial Firms

Centerpoint will equip you with IT services and support to help you gain a competitive edge in the financial industry.

The margin for error in the financial industry is razor-thin. A single decimal point out of place, a few seconds of delay in a phone conversation or a couple fractions of a percent are all that separate success from failure.

Your IT is a central part of your firm because it helps you communicate with clients, maintain financial records and more. That’s why it’s so important for you to have the right IT support; the consequences of inadequate IT are far too severe to leave to chance.

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Centerpoint IT has successfully partnered with a range of successful and competitive financial firms because our clients know that our vast experience in the industry has allowed us to develop undeniably effective and reliable solutions to their pain points. Just a few of these solutions and services include:


Unparalleled Business Phone Expertise: Centerpoint IT can offer both an undeniable IT acumen as well as business phone expertise in order to provide your business with an optimal configuration. Bigger VoIP vendors are unable to effectively service financial firms of your size, and generic IT providers don’t have the specific knowledge and expertise needed to optimize a business phone system. Utilizing Allworx’ Unified
Communications solution, Centerpoint IT can offer you uniquely capable business phone support.

Scalable Support: As an experienced IT support provider, Centerpoint can just as easily assist small firms to develop a technological foundation for their business as we can help larger businesses to simplify their complex and aging IT environments.

Peace of Mind: Dealing with IT problems on a daily basis gets old fast. The time it takes and the stress it causes can have detrimental effects on the productivity and efficiency of your business, so choose the right partner in IT support to stop worrying about technology.

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