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Centerpoint IT is made up of dedicated individuals who together form an exceptional team committed to serving our IT and phone clients. We believe that the true strength of any organization lies in its people, and at our core, we are a team driven by values that inspire us to excel in every aspect of what we do.

Each and every day we live and work by six Core Values that drive a sense of purpose, direction, and identity as we work together to “make IT simple”:


Trust: We own it

Do It Right, Do It Now

Do It Right, Do It Now

Simplify and Educate

Simplify and Educate

Outcome Driven

Outcome Driven


Rise to the Challenge


Always Learning

Centerpoint IT‘s Purpose Statement:“Making IT Simple” For You:

Our team, always challenged to improve, works as a family, to deliver exceptional expertise and responsiveness for our clients peace of mind

Chris Chao


1. Family of former competition wakesurfers “The Surfing Chaos”.

2. Serial entrepreneur & finance guy that experienced “bad IT” and believes businesses deserve excellent IT support.

3. Family man – Happily married to college sweetheart Beth and we are now empty nesters with Abby & Nathan spreading their wings. Volunteer at local church working with business owners to grow businesses & walk with Christ.

Lincoln Higdon

Chief Operating Officer

I enjoy spending time with my family and as a history buff, I love to travel and learn about the history of the places I visit.

Fred Dekeyser

Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Stone

Chief Security Officer

1. Outside of work, my passions are Braves Baseball, Tampa Bay Lightening Hockey and my dogs.

Felicia Turner

Director of Administration

I am a huge Dawgs and Braves fan! My favorite vacation spot is Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Scott Williams

Client Success Manager

1. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my 4 children and lovely wife relaxing on Lake Lanier.

David Cole

Sr. Sales Executive

I am a husband, father, and Atlanta, Georgia native. My family and I enjoy watersports, the beach, and the great outdoors.

Scott Gray

Team Lead Engineering

1. I enjoy camping fishing and working in the yard.

2. I enjoy building, wood working and home repair.

Craig Jordan

Team Lead Projects

1. US Navy Veteran.

Kevin Durham

Team Lead Engineer

1. Avid Soccer Fan.

2. Happily Married with 4 wonderful children.

3. Loves Dad Jokes.

Kandee Jordan

Customer Care Associate

1. I enjoy the Ballet.

2. I enjoy taking pictures of Flora and Fauna.

3. I love my pets.

Maegon Lilly

Business Administrator

1. She has a beautiful and busy family of 6. They enjoy Braves games, beach time, sports, and being active.

David Garner

Sr. IT Engineer

Sanjay Khatri

Sr. IT Engineer

1. Father, Husband, and Cloud Engineer.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from India.

Michael Castro

Phone Engineer

I enjoy Travel, photography, and live music.

David Johnson

Phone Engineer

Chuck Bryan

Phone Engineer

1. BS EET from Southern Polytechnic State University.

2. Member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, held several positions.

3. Avid outdoor fisherman who loves to fish by kayak in both fresh and saltwater along with going to the Eastern Coastal Marshland to fish for redfish, trout, and flounder.

4. Former Motocross Racer.

Casey Howard

IT Engineer

Sean Griffin

IT Engineer

Cole Helvey

IT Engineer

1. I love to learn anything involving music theory.

2. Above all, I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Fahad Khattak

IT Engineer

1. My home is my sanctuary and apart from work, I rarely venture out.

2. I don’t eat vegetables – it’s a real problem.

Malik Johnson

IT Engineer

Dorcas Kemuma

IT Support - JITU

A technical support engineer, driven by a desire to help and create. With a commitment to excellence, I strive to deliver exceptional support and foster a positive user experience.

Felix Okemwa

IT Support - JITU

1. Professionally, I excel in providing IT support and troubleshooting services. With a solid background in technology and a knack for problem-solving, I strive to ensure smooth operations and enhance the user and businesses experience, from troubleshooting software and hardware issues to optimizing network performance.

2. I own a dog. It’s a short-coat German Shephard Called Ruby. If everybody in the world did not fear dogs, I’d walk with that dog everywhere.

3. If not spending time with my dog, during weekends, you’ll often find me lacing up my football cleats and hitting the field. Football is not just a game to me; it’s an exhilarating pursuit that channels my competitive spirit and fuels the love for teamwork. Strategic plays and the rush of adrenaline are all part of the experience that keeps me coming back for more.

Veronica Gikonyo

IT Support - JITU

1. Traveling is my ultimate passion. I find immense joy in exploring diverse cultures, discovering awe inspiring landscapes, and creating unforgetable memories.

2. I am a true cinephile at heart. The world of cinema opens up a realm of imagination and sparks interesting conversations.

Mary Mwangi

IT Support - JITU

1. I work as an IT support analyst at Centerpoint IT. I help clients solve their IT issues. I enjoy solving problems every day and getting to experience the joy of a satisfied client.

2. When not solving technical issues, I enjoy singing and dancing.

Celia Mathews


Ann Sumera

Virtual Assistant

1. Positive Self-Starter.

2. Self-Determined.

3. Goal-Oriented.

Silas Mathews


Hi, I’m Silas Mathews, I am a senior at Creekview High School doing a summer internship at Centerpoint IT. I am looking to go to UT Knoxville after I graduate with a Major in Cybersecurity. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, going out with friends, and doing activities at/with my church. I am hoping to grow my skill set and learn new things to help me reach my goal of working as a cybersecurity professional for the military.


Resident Therapy Dog

When she’s not hard at work Luna’s mission is to provide snuggles, endless cuddles, and wag-tastic therapy sessions to anyone in need of an instant mood boost. She alleviates stress, bring smiles to faces, and boost happiness for everyone at Centerpoint IT.


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Centerpoint IT understands the unique challenges of SMBs and is dedicated to solving them with a full range of flexible options designed to fit the budget and technology needs of this diverse market sector. We constantly strive to be more than a full-service telecom and IT provider. Our goal is to serve our clients as a true partner. You can count on our expert consultants and technicians, for the honest advice, reliable service and support, and complete commitment to your vital business goals.