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Centerpoint IT takes a holistic and proactive approach to serving our clients as their end-to-end technology partner.

Since it was founded in 2006, Centerpoint’s mission has been singular and simple:

“To deliver on the promise of new technology for the small and mid-sized business by making IT simple.”

In order to be more than a full-service business IT partner and phone system provider, we focus on taking the uncertainty and hassle out of what is a complicated and dynamic area of business.

Technology is a complex and ever-changing area which can be overwhelming for business owners and managers to navigate on their own. Cutting through the noise of changing technology is where Centerpoint IT adds value to businesses. We bring effective, affordable and simple services such as managed IT, cloud, hardware, network security, disaster recovery, connectivity solutions and business phone systems to form the essential foundation of any successful business so that owners and managers can get back to focusing on what makes them successful.

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While Centerpoint IT started as a traditional VoIP value-added reseller, we quickly realized that many clients had basic IT infrastructure needs that were not being met. To address this growing need and position Centerpoint IT to provide the best customer experience possible, we launched our IT division in 2007 to provide end-to-end services.

As the small and mid-sized business market continues to embrace technology as a means to remain competitive, Centerpoint IT continues to grow to meet clients’ VoIP phone system and IT infrastructure needs throughout the Southeastern United States.

Our core managed IT and phone system service offerings allow growing businesses to take an “a la carte” approach to IT infrastructure and support, to build a solid foundation for their business to continue to grow and thrive. Small and mid-sized businesses need a partner to navigate what can be a confusing, jargon-filled industry, and we fill that need by providing the expertise required to create a technology roadmap customized to their business.

Our value proposition is simple: We provide scalable solutions using proven technologies offered through our partnerships with world-class technology providers, backed by the best service in the industry.

Contact us at (404) 781--0200 or sales@centerpointit.com to learn more about how Centerpoint IT can help reduce IT infrastructure costs, maximize up-time and streamline your business.

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