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We take the uncertainty and hassle out of IT, a complicated and dynamic area of business. Centerpoint IT follows a holistic, proactive, and experienced approach to serve our clients as their end-to-end technology partner.

How We Help Our Clients

Our vision is to be the preferred technology and communication partner for small and medium-sized businesses in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Centerpoint IT believes that a strong set of core focuses helps us to maintain an undeniably superior service. Our comprehensive IT solutions will help your business grow and succeed in your competitive field by getting the most out of your technology.

Since 2006, our mission has been clear: Make IT simple for our customers, providing them with peace of mind knowing their IT support, IT security, and telephone needs are in good hands. As a trusted business partner, our objectives are:

Maximize Your ROI

We help clients attain the best possible return on their investment in IT, procuring cost-effective solutions that deliver enterprise-level capabilities.

Understand Your Priorities

We listen to and become familiar with our clients and their organizations to better understand their needs.

Expertise Guidance

We act with the “heart of an educator”, consulting with clients so that they can make informed decisions that address their immediate and future needs.

Client-Focused Service

In summary, the above objectives show how our partnership with each of our clients is focused on their success by empowering them to optimize their business technology, streamline operations and achieve their objectives confidently.

Why Choose Centerpoint IT As Your IT Services Company In Atlanta?

Information Technology is a complex and ever-changing area that can be overwhelming for business owners and managers to navigate on their own. Cutting through the noise of changing technology is where Centerpoint IT adds value as your trusted Atlanta GA IT Services Company.

Centerpoint IT makes IT simple by bringing effective, affordable, and effective and affordable services such as managed IT, cloud, hardware, network security, disaster recovery, connectivity solutions and business phone systems to form the essential foundation of any successful business. This allows owners and managers to get back to focusing on what makes them successful.

The Centerpoint Story

Centerpoint IT was founded by Chris Chao and Fred Dekeyser, driven by our own real frustrations as serial entrepreneurs. We personally experienced the challenges of “bad IT,” a common issue faced by many small businesses. It became evident that even our telecom clients encountered basic IT infrastructure and service problems that prevailing IT solutions failed to address, as these solutions often prioritized following technology trends over solving real business challenges.

Motivated by our struggles and the needs of our clients, we made a decision to provide top-notch IT support through a friendly team of professionals. Coming from financial backgrounds, we approached IT with a fresh perspective, aiming to create a company dedicated to delivering excellent IT services with a holistic focus on the client’s business needs.

In 2006, we established the IT division of Centerpoint, with a clear vision to simplify technology and prioritize solving actual business problems with a customer-centric approach. This strategic step allowed us to effectively meet the increasing IT demands in the Atlanta area, establishing Centerpoint IT as a comprehensive service provider offering end-to-end IT solutions.

As our business continued to grow, our clients found peace of mind knowing their IT support, co-managed IT, IT security, and phone services were in capable hands. Centerpoint IT became their trusted technology advisor, guiding them in making informed decisions about their IT strategy, budgeting, infrastructure planning, and cybersecurity protection. These partnerships empowered our clients to continually adapt and enhance their technological needs.

Harness Our Expertise

In 2022, Centerpoint IT took another significant step in its growth and evolution by merging with another powerhouse MSP. Recognizing the constantly evolving IT landscape and the increasing complexity of cybersecurity, this strategic merger allowed us to expand our capabilities and build on our expertise. The combined teams formed a highly skilled group of subject matter experts with vast experience in various IT disciplines, enabling Centerpoint IT to offer an even broader range of specialized services and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a focus on staying at the forefront of technology advancements and cybersecurity best practices, Centerpoint IT continues to harness its collective expertise to deliver exceptional IT support and services to businesses, helping them thrive in the ever-changing digital world.

We take pride in offering technical proficiency across a broad range of popular business technologies. Some of the key areas of expertise we offer include:

Network Infrastructure

We excel in managing and optimizing network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. Our expertise ensures reliable connectivity, enhanced security, and optimized performance.

Server Management

Our team has extensive knowledge in server setup, configuration, and maintenance. Whether it’s physical servers, virtual machines, or cloud-based solutions, we provide robust management and support.

Cloud Services

We specialize in helping clients leverage the benefits of cloud computing. From designing and implementing cloud solutions to managing and optimizing cloud infrastructure, we enable businesses to scale and adapt with ease.


Our experts are well-versed in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. We implement comprehensive security measures, including threat detection, prevention, and incident response, to safeguard your valuable data and protect your business from potential breaches.

Unified Communications

We offer expertise in integrating unified communications solutions, such as VoIP phone systems, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. Streamlined communication channels enhance productivity and efficiency.

Data Backup and Recovery

Our team ensures the protection of your critical business data through reliable backup solutions. We implement data recovery strategies to minimize downtime and mitigate potential data loss.

IT Consulting

With our vast experience, we provide strategic IT consulting services, assisting clients in aligning their technology roadmap with their business objectives. We offer guidance in areas such as budgeting, infrastructure planning, and technology adoption.

Hire Centerpoint IT As Your Trusted IT Company In Atlanta

By harnessing our extensive expertise in these and other areas, we empower our clients to optimize their IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and achieve their business goals.

Partner with Centerpoint IT, and let our team of subject matter experts drive your success in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Contact us at (404) 777-0147 or to learn more about how Centerpoint IT can help reduce IT infrastructure costs, maximize up-time and streamline your business.