Protecting Your Assets: Can Your Managed IT Handle It?

Is your managed IT protecting your business assets?

Protecting business assets is incredibly important when it comes to managed IT. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the more important issues regarding asset protection for managed business IT. With this being said, here’s a look at IT technology geared towards protecting business assets.

Managed IT

Cybercrime: The Numbers

Before we get started, it’s time to put into context how severe cybercrime is for businesses. As far as the global economy, cybercrime can cost the global economy at least $575 billion in damages a year. If that isn’t scary enough, it’s estimated that the United States takes at least a $100 billion hit from cybercrime, which happens to be the largest amount of any country worldwide.

So considering the numbers in the United States, online theft is a problem that only seems to get worse. With stories regarding hackers penetrating computer systems becoming the new norm, no business is truly safe from cybercrime. If hackers have no problem breaking into White House servers, individual accounts, and corporations, it could mean that your assets are fair game as well.

Managed IT Services & Asset Protecting

So given the circumstances, managed IT has stepped up its game in recent years to help prevent these issues from happening. As many businesses spend their time thinking about what they should buy or sell to benefit their service, they end up taking what they have for granted and become unprepared in the event of assets being lost to cybercrime. Thankfully, managed IT is here to prevent cybercrime from happening and/or making a blow less severe if under attack.

Simple Hacking Prevention Tactics

Stopping cybercrime before it can happen is an excellent method to prevent losses. Such excellent ways to make yourself less vulnerable are:

  • Don’t Open Suspicious Emails – If you receive a questionable email, don’t open it. Read emails in plain text as it makes malware and viruses inactive.
  • Use Different Passwords – Using the same password for everything is dangerous because if a hacker gains access to one account… it has access to them all.
  • Understand Your Cybersecurity Understand your security and always look for ways to improve it. Since hackers are coming up with new ways to access information regularly, it’s up to you and your IT to stay a step ahead.

Given the wide range of attacks and how ruthless hackers can be, it’s fairly important that your managed IT can properly protect your assets. Thankfully, Centerpoint IT is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at (404) 781-0200 or send us an email at for more information.

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