Thinking About Outsourcing Your Companies IT Management To One Of The Many Information Technology Companies in Atlanta?

If you are considering hiring a managed services company, then you are probably feeling overwhelmed with all the choices that are available to small and midsize companies throughout North Georgia.

Working with the right IT company is important because you want to make sure your needs are met without going over budget. To give you a better idea of what an Information Technology consulting company can offer to your small- to medium-sized business, let’s discuss what you can expect.

Information Technology Companies In Atlanta

Ask Yourself….Is The Management Of Our Information Technology Important?

Every company uses its IT network differently. Some companies do the majority of their work on the computer system, while others rarely use the network until the paperwork needs to be filled out. Dependent on how many computers, services, smartphones and other devices you have and how much use they get, your need for service can range.



There are different levels of IT support generally offered by Atlanta IT Consulting companies. The smallest amount of support is often called a “Break-Fix” service. This service is similar to a “geek squad” or repair shop. You buy and work on your own computer network, but when it breaks down, you take the units in for repair. Your technician may come to you for service, but still, charge you to fix issues, every single time, is that right for your business? You can include any devices you own or rent, and pay-as-you-go. For people who use their computers on occasion, this may be the perfect fit. However, if your computers break down often, you can end up with a costly bill.


Per Device

Another option is a “Per Device” service which assigns a per-device continuing fee up to $100 per month. This option is similar to an “a la carte” menu at your favorite restaurant. You can order the repair and maintenance you need for each device within those pricing parameters. This price model may be a great fit for a small company with a few computers but probably won’t keep your devices in top-notch condition.


Per User

The most commonly-used option for small- to medium-sized businesses that use computers regularly is a “Per User” support model. This pricing model allows for change and growth within your company as the number of users changes. Full-service device services usually run in the $100 to $200 range per user. Pricing can vary by region, types of computers and how much your service covers. This option covers a full range of repair and maintenance services for your IT network.

Ask Your Tech Company…What’s Included In Their Managed IT Services Proposal?

A tech consulting firm handles a wide range of network services, freeing up your time and labor hours to do what you do best, your core business. You can use the services that you need for your computer usage. Some of the services provided by a managed IT service provider include the following:

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Email archiving and filtering
  • IT support for employees
  • Maintaining a firewall
  • Protection from viruses
  • Software management
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing
  • Server and equipment maintenance
  • Mobile device management
  • Compliance management
  • Application management

Your Atlanta IT service company will take these tasks off of your hands, and finish them in a fraction of the time. The level of support experience provided by the IT team can solve any issues that crop up.

Are You Happy With The Level Of Support From Your Information Systems Management Company?

Supporting your information technology is a top priority for all businesses today because at a minimum all of your date and records are stored digitally. For some companies, those records include designs, project outlines and discussions, meeting notes and other business transactions. Therefore, your Roswell IT company needs to have experience handling a wide range of issues with a swift resolution. While your own IT staff may be quite experienced, an entire team of IT systems professionals can provide hundreds of years of experience combined.

Are You
Getting Value For
Your Information

Ultimately, only you can answer that question. However, you need to ask yourself whether you can use those same labor hours in a better way. Is it worth it to you to have a managed services company available 24/7 to repair your devices and network? Would you like to reduce your worry and stress regarding your IT network? If you can answer either of these questions with a “yes,” then it is definitely worth your time to investigate further into hiring a tech consulting firm.

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