Which Microsoft Partner in Atlanta is Right for My Company?

So, you’ve got your network fortified with plenty of Microsoft devices, software, and applications. Great! But, do you have a trusted Microsoft partner in Atlanta who can help you sort through all the new-fangled ins and outs of programs like Microsoft Office 365? You need an MS partner portal that’s predictable, accessible, and has trusted Microsoft partners on the other end of it.

Is Centerpoint in the official Microsoft partner network?

Yes! We’ve been an official member of the Microsoft partner network for over 10 years now. We enjoy building relationships with our own clients based upon our own empowering technical associations with our IT network-fueling strategic partners.

Does Centerpoint offer anything like tutorials or seminars/webinars on Microsoft programs and apps?

Absolutely! In fact, Centerpoint is bringing an exciting wealth of information on the customer experience and management platforms Microsoft offers, and which inform the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE), by hosting a do-not-miss Microsoft CIE Symposium in Atlanta on May 16 and 17, 2017.

Our keynote speakers are long-time Microsoft experts who will assist you in quickly sorting out the tech-jargon and translating it to executive-level productivity for the average large or small businesses in Atlanta.

Can you help literally any business owner understand Microsoft Office 365 programs?

You bet! Our expertise will help you master Microsoft Office 365 for business, no matter if you’re a mom and pop, startup, microbusiness, small, or larger corporate entity. And, we make the learning experience fun, enjoyable, and collaborative as well.

We tailor our seminar to your specific business challenges, and via continuous dialogue, conversation, and real-time collaboration tools throughout the session, you will learn various approaches to using Microsoft Office programs and other products. And, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how to solve your business challenges via the cloud.

You’ll probably be surprised by how much you were able to learn at the conference – and beyond that, we’ll be your trusty Microsoft consultants anytime you have any questions in the future.

Great! How do we get started with you as our Atlanta Microsoft partner?

Right away! Just give us a call at (404) 781-0220, or email us at sales@centerpointit.com for more information. And, remember not to miss out – Centerpoint is hosting our exclusive Microsoft CIE in Atlanta on May 16 and 17 as your local Microsoft partner in Atlanta!