Madison, GA Business Looks For 2021 Allworx Support and Finds Centerpoint IT 

A local business was experiencing issues with their Allworx telecommunications systems. They started looking for a professional IT provider who might be able to help them get to the bottom of the issue and solve it once and for all.

Madison, GA Business Looks For 2021 Allworx Support and Finds Centerpoint IT

A local business was experiencing issues with their Allworx telecommunications systems. They started looking for a professional IT provider who might be able to help them get to the bottom of the issue and solve it once and for all. They reached out to Centerpoint IT and it wasn’t long before we were working with them to install an entirely new and improved Allworx system.

Madison, GA Business Recruits Centerpoint IT For Reliable Allworx Support in 2021

Not too long ago, the Centerpoint IT team was contacted by the management team from a local business in Madison, GA. Their organization relied on an Allworx VoIP phone system that had recently been experiencing persistent connectivity and reliability issues. They were looking for a team of Allworx specialists in Georgia that could help them resolve the issue once and for all.

We wanted to help right away. The leadership team from this Madison, GA business had become reasonably frustrated because their main avenue for communication with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders was consistently unreliable. Despite having done some initial troubleshooting on their own, they didn’t have any more time to waste – they needed their lines of communication open as soon as possible. From the very start, we commended them on their proactivity and openness to the idea of professional support.

The truth is, they couldn’t have reached out to a better team of IT professionals. This isn’t to brag, it’s just to say that Allworx is truly the Centerpoint specialty. We have long been an official Allworx partner and we have helped countless Georgia businesses and organizations implement, optimize, and manage Allworx VoIP systems in their offices. We knew we had the experience and expertise needed to help this local business resolve their Allworx issues once and for all.

We immediately let the management team know that they had come to the right provider. We explained our experience with Allworx and let them know that we could come in to assess the problem and help them choose and implement a new Allworx VoIP system if that was necessary. They were grateful for our support from the very beginning, and it wasn’t long before we had scheduled a meeting to get the issue taken care of.

We’ve decided to share our experience providing Allworx support to this local business because our hope is that it will inspire other Georgia businesses to reach out for help if they need it. An organization’s telecommunications system is truly the lifeline of its business. We can help make sure your Allworx VoIP system is running smoothly to support optimal business communication. That’s exactly what we did for this Madison business. Keep reading to learn more about the support we provided and how it helped this team of local professionals.

Allworx Tech Trouble: Why This Business from Madison, GA Needed Allworx Support

During our initial contact with this local team of professionals, they explained to us that they had been experiencing technical issues with their company-wide Allworx VoIP system for a few months. Their desktop phones would mysteriously just stop working – regularly and without warning. This was causing major communication breakdown and was making it very difficult for their team to maintain contact with clients and stakeholders. All in all, the technical difficulties were making it impossible to remain productive.

They had reached out for support from Allworx directly who initially advised them to upgrade their software. However, after that, the issues persisted. At this point, the Allworx technical support team advised them that there must be an issue with the main VoIP system and that they would need to replace it. They didn’t need new phones entirely, they just needed to invest in a replacement for the main operating system.

However, they were told by Allworx that they needed to make this investment through an experienced and certified Allworx partner in Georgia. That’s why they came to us. They went on to explain exactly what they were looking for from us – from an initial review of the situation all the way to a long-term Allworx support partnership.

Here’s a break down of the Allworx support this local organization was looking for:

  • Initial consultation & assessment of the Allworx issue – First they wanted us to come in and have a face-to-face consultation about the issue. They wanted to explain to us exactly what they were dealing with and assess the issue first hand so we would understand how important it was to get it resolved and determine the best course of action.
  • Initial troubleshooting – Next, even though they had already been told the main system needed to be replaced, they wanted us to spend a little bit of time trying to troubleshoot the issue. Above all, they wanted to make sure they had truly tried everything before they invested in an entirely new system. They wanted us to take a swing at finding the root cause of the issue and seeing if it was something that could be handled by repair instead of replacement.
  • Consultation on an investment in a new Allworx system – If the system did in fact need to be replaced, they were hoping we could walk them through the investment process. Which Allworx system should they invest in as a replacement? Are there compatibility factors to consider? Which system will give them the most bang for their buck and which system will help ensure their technical difficulties are kept to a minimum? They wanted our help understanding how to choose the right solution and why.
  • Implementation of the new Allworx system – Once we had helped them choose and invest in the correct replacement system, they wanted our help implementing the system and making sure it was properly positioned with all their existing devices. They wanted to make sure that once we implemented their new system, everything would work normally and they could immediately start making calls from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Ongoing Allworx support as needed – Finally, in order to avoid months of technical issues in the future, they were hoping that we could serve as their long-term Allworx support partner. Since they knew we were experienced Allworx veterans, they wanted peace of mind knowing that they could call on us if they experienced any Allworx issues in the future.

Again, we were very impressed by the thought and proactivity they had put in before reaching out for support. These technical troubles had been incredibly frustrating and they were eager to get them taken care of right away. They also had the foresight to suggest we establish a long-term partnership to address any future issues. We knew this was a client we wanted to work with and we immediately started working on the best plan to resolve their Allworx issues for good.

Centerpoint IT Arrives on Scene to Provide Reliable Allworx Support for this Madison Business

As we mentioned, we have a lot of experience working with Allworx VoIP systems. We’ve helped countless Georgia businesses choose and implement the right telecommunications systems for their organizations. So, we weren’t coming into this service request blind. We had dealt with Allworx technical issues before and we knew we could help this organization get a handle on the problem. Despite all our experience with Allworx, however, we knew that the consultation and support we provided to this organization needed to be entirely customized.

We needed to get in there and really understand the issue and how it was negatively impacting their operations. If a replacement system was needed, we would need to understand exactly how their VoIP system was used in their day-to-day operations and which replacement system would be the best choice for them. We wasted no time at all before getting our feet wet and brainstorming to solve the problem.

Here’s the Allworx support and service we provided to this local Georgia business:

Initial Consultation & Allworx Technical Assessment 

We started by visiting their office for an initial consultation. We spoke with the management team about the persistent issues they had been experiencing. We also discussed how these issues had been negatively impacting their operational flow. We also had their team show us exactly what was happening when the phones shut down so that we could develop a clear idea of how it was affecting their operations and so we could start brainstorming the best way to go about resolving the issue.

Allworx Issue Troubleshooting 

Once our initial consultation was complete, we decided to take a swing at troubleshooting the issue before moving on to the next step of researching and implementing a replacement. We wanted to make sure the replacement system was 100% necessary before helping this business invest in one. We spent some time working with the system and getting to the root cause of the issue. When we finally did, we, unfortunately, came to the same conclusion as the Allworx support team – the main system was defective and needed to be replaced to avoid continual issues. While it wasn’t the best news, the client was happy that we had taken the time to try and fix the issue before moving onto the replacement stage.

New Allworx Investment Consultation 

Now that we knew a new system was required, we started putting together an investment guide that would breakdown all the various Allworx options this business had to choose from. We wanted to make sure we presented all their options and the pros and cons of each so they could make the most informed investment decision possible. We wanted to help them choose the right system for their organization that would be familiar enough to restore operations smoothly and efficiently.

New Allworx System Implementation & Optimization

As soon as we had decided on the right replacement system and made the purchase, our team got to work to implement the new system efficiently. We made sure to implement the new system outside their regular working hours to avoid any further disruption to their business communication. Once it was implemented, we also spent a good amount of time optimizing and tweaking the system to ensure it was positioned to support the operational workflow for this organization. Above all, we wanted to make sure that when they started using the new system, it would work like the familiar, well-oiled machine they had long enjoyed.

Long-Term Allworx Support Partnership  

Once all was said and done, we made sure to stay on board for a couple of days to make sure that everything was working as it should. We made sure every team member’s device was properly integrated into the system and confirmed that everything was functioning correctly. We also let them know that they could definitely count on us as their regular Allworx support partner. No matter the nature of the issue or the time of day, our team would remain on call consistently to provide reliable Allworx support and consultation.

Is Your Georgia Business Looking for Allworx Support in 2021? Centerpoint IT Can Help!

Ever since we came in and implemented a new Allworx system for this Georgia business, they’ve told us they’re no longer dealing with tedious technical issues. Their VoIP systems are now consistently reliable, meaning productivity remains high and they are never out of touch with colleagues, clients, or important stakeholders. They also have expressed that they are consistently reassured that if any Allworx issues should arise, they know they can get us on the phone immediately.

We love helping local businesses stay connected by providing strategic and reliable Allworx support. Is your Georgia organization looking for a professional Allworx support partner? The team of IT professionals at Centerpoint IT are seasoned Allworx veterans and we can help you resolve issues and optimize your VoIP systems from end-to-end. Searching for professional Allworx support in Georgia? Centerpoint IT is a click or call away!

Give us a call anytime at (404) 777-0147, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to book an initial consultation about Allworx support in 2021.

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