Get Allworx IP Support (Plus) to have your concerns addressed quickly and remotely.

Support is the foundation of any worthwhile Managed IT service. When it comes down to it, beyond all the fancy and modern technologies that your provider can offer, what you really need is responsive and effective support so that you can overcome obstacles and focus on doing what you do best.

This is especially true of business communication technology, a vitally important part of your IT infrastructure that only becomes more necessary when your business is hit with an emergency — that’s when you need the ability to contact clients, employees and other business contacts most.

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Did you know that with today’s technological advances, nearly all of your support requests can be handled remotely? Gone are the days of waiting on a technician to come on site and fix the problem before you and your staff can get in touch with vital business contacts.

Centerpoint IT is proud to offer Allworx IP Support (Plus), a unique, flat-fee, business communications technology support service that you won’t find anywhere else! With us as your partner in support, you’ll can enjoy nearly total coverage for any given support request for your communication technology, including:

  • User Changes: Add, remove or change features, or change users at will.
  • Call Handling Support: Comprehensive support for auto attendant, greetings, call routing, presence settings, vacation, schedules and message on-hold settings.
  • System Settings: Manage time changes, backup, maintenance settings and security.
  • Carrier Support: Get assistance for troubleshooting telco or network issues.
  • Expert Advice: Gain valuable insight as your needs IT change.

Don’t put up with outdated support any longer. Centerpoint IT can handle each and every support request remotely, overseen by a certified and experienced engineer in order to reach a lasting and expedient solution.

To learn about IP Support (Plus), get in touch with Centerpoint IT right away at (404) 777-0147 or

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