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Do The Math On What Atlanta Technology Companies Charge For Their IT Management Services

Outsourcing IT support continues to trend high in the business community because it allows small and mid-sized organizations top-tier expertise without the complexities of staffing an entire team.

When considering outsourcing, the first question business leaders want answering is the bottom line cost. It’s a question that we at Centerpoint IT in Atlanta have encountered many times. Decision-makers want that question answered on multiple fronts that include dollars, work hours, quality and efficiency. We hope the following exploration of what managed IT services cost in Atlanta will help to clarify the issue.

Cost of Managed IT Services

What does “Outsourcing IT” Really Mean?

The term “outsourcing” has become something of a catch-all buzzword that refers to one company entrusting a set of services to another. This long-standing practice has included things such as payroll, call center services and now IT support.

It’s important for industry leaders to understand that outsourcing IT support does not necessarily mean you must completely eliminate in-house personnel. To the contrary, the IT support sector is generally happy to take on specific portions of a company’s support and leave others to a business’s staff. In many cases, small and mid-sized organizations require heightened expertise in only certain areas.

A recent article called “The Real Cost of Outsourcing the IT Department” by the UK’s Telegraph points out the inherent flexibility of outsourcing decisions.

“Outsourcing can mean simply offloading support and maintenance or outsourcing an entire IT department. Small companies can find it difficult to justify more than one full-time support person but working with an outsourcing partner can mean having access to a full team of experienced consultants,” the article states. “Cost is a key factor for many as outsourcing can remove the need for expensive in-house resources but will ensure tech is up-to-date without the financial commitment.”

In terms of what managed IT services cost your organization, such determinations begin with the type and volume of support your outfit outsources. The remainder can remain an in-house line item in your budget. Centerpoint IT in Atlanta has earned a reputation for technical expertise in a wide range of niche support areas.

Benefits of Outsourcing To Any Of The Atlanta Technology Companies

The growing outsourcing trend has been predominately driven by the lower overall dollar amounts. In-house IT support teams carry the financial burdens of full-time salaries, healthcare premiums, and supervisory oversight. All of these items tend to put a greater amount of red ink on a business’ ledger. However, dollars are not the only “cost” factor when thinking through what managed IT services. An owner or CEO may want to consider the following related items as well.

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    Improved Efficiency

    The expertise that tech partners bring to the table provides exponential efficiency benefits across departments. It’s no secret that today’s companies rely on technology, devices, and programs to carry out even simple tasks. The increased expertise of a full team of IT specialists is more likely to keep other valued team members on task by avoiding disruption.

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    Laser Focus on Critical Issues

    While in-house IT employees are generally proficient at conducting routine network management, critical and unique challenges require laser-focused expertise by people trained in niche areas. When companies outsource, they are pulling in a wealth of varied expertise that would otherwise be far too costly for many small and mid-level organizations.

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    Improved Response Times

    There are two ways to think through managed IT services cost in terms of critical responses. A full-time tech team generally works limited hours and employers are required to follow federal and state guidelines in terms of breaks and time off. This situation can prove detrimental to organizations that do not necessarily have someone in place to respond to a system malfunction or hacker incursion.

Another way of considering the value of critical response is to either fully or partially outsource IT in a way that keeps a support partner in place 24/7. In terms of what that means for your managed IT services cost, consider the losses that many companies suffer when networks crash, viruses damage systems and cybercriminals steal vital data. Slow response times are not a cost issue until your outfit is knee deep in damage control.

Managed IT Services & Profits

A recent Forbes business article called “How To Get The Best Results From Your Outsourced Service Provider,” discusses ways that any sized business can reap the benefits of such a business-to-business relationship. The piece outlines key factors that seamlessly apply to working with Centerpoint IT in Atlanta. They included the following paraphrased points.

  • Promote clear, consistent communication

    By establishing ongoing and concise communication channels between a business and its IT partner, stakeholders understand their respective duties and responsibilities in a meaningful fashion.

  • Stay consistent

    One of the reasons that outsourcing IT management continues to be cost-effective is that it provides consistency. Internal IT departments too often struggle with employee turnover and varying levels of proficiency.

  • Define the purpose of the relationship

    It’s important for a business that outsources IT support to clearly document expectations and come to terms with a service agreement that is mutually beneficial to all parties. Atlanta businesses are in it together and must function as one community to achieve success.

  • Trust, but verify

    Working with a local Atlanta IT partner allows community members the opportunity for valuable face time. Getting to know your IT consultant and their reputation can pay meaningful dividends during times of crisis and anticipated growth.

Atlanta Technology Companies: Delivering On Critical Needs

The point of the Forbes piece that carries over to an outfit with more than a decade of IT support experience is that Centerpoint delivers on the critical areas emerging and established businesses need. These include the following among others.

  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Management

    • Server monitoring and alerting
    • Workstation protection
    • Firewall management
    • Managed backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud Services

    • File backups
    • Hosted exchange or full-hosted solutions
  • User Support

    • On-site or remote
    • Unlimited or by-the-hour delivery
    • Specific line-of-business applications experience, or general
  • Strategic Consulting

    Small and mid-sized organizations that hire IT technicians generally pay out salaries that run between $40,000 and $60,000. Beyond the base pay, healthcare coverage, vacation pay, and bonuses are common cost escalators. The median cost to companies that outsource generally runs $8,000 to $15,000 for outfits with less than 100 employees. Obviously, managed IT services cost far less to outsource than filling an in-house position.

While these reflect general industry costs, Centerpoint IT employs a three-tier pricing system with some caveats to meet the needs of upstart and growing business. These include basic, premium and subscription-level IT support services. As a business leader, consider the bottom line managed IT services cost and then speak with a consultant about your unique technology position.

Centerpoint IT continiously tops all Atlanta Technology Companies in all areas of service and price.