9 Ways Managed IT Service Providers Boost Business Growth

Technological advancements have not only led to continuous IT requirements but increased security threats as well. Security threats can lead to downtime for your business.

9 Ways Managed IT Services Providers Boost Business Growth

Technological advancements have not only led to continuous IT requirements but increased security threats as well. Security threats can lead to downtime for your business. For this reason, you need a managed IT service provider. Managed information technology services will handle your security challenges efficiently.

Furthermore, IT firms have the knowledge and expertise to manage everything about your IT infrastructure. A report on managed cloud services shows that the market size of cloud-managed services is projected to grow to $139.4 billion by 2026. If you are wondering why you need a managed IT service provider, here are ways they help boost your business growth.

Boost Business Growth

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are when you outsource your IT operations to a third-party firm. The IT company has the expertise to meet your organization’s IT demands. Some services include issue resolution, real-time monitoring, managing Infrastructure, monthly security audits, backup monitoring, database monitoring, real-time monitoring and automated ticketing.

How Managed IT Boost Your Business Growth

IT service providers are a vital part of growing your business. The following are ways managed IT services promote business growth.

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

It can be challenging to keep up with the constant technological changes. Small and mid-sized businesses believe emerging technologies are the best opportunity to boost profitability and gain a competitive advantage. It is especially true when you have to beat your competition.

With a managed IT service provider, your business can maintain a competitive edge by providing you with IT solutions to allow your business to run smoothly. Managed IT service providers give you valuable insights into your business operations. You’ll get solutions tailor-made for your business.

2. Helps Save Costs

One of the benefits of using managed IT service is cost saving. Most organizations face the challenges of reducing their employees in the IT department because of the high costs. Employees’ productivity reduces when they work in other areas, not their specialty. You can predict your monthly IT spending with a managed IT service provider. You’ll also not overspend on IT hardware or software upgrades since the providers let you know how much you are currently spending per month before you make changes.

An IT-managed service will help you manage costs and improve efficiency. With managed IT services, you’ll only pay for what is what you use. Since the IT firm has a set-up infrastructure, you’ll lower your IT expenses and operational costs.

3. Boosts Cybersecurity

Security is a challenge that businesses that handle personal information face regularly. One wrong move can lead your data to fall into the wrong hands. A data breach costs US businesses $9.4 million annually. Cybersecurity will cause the world $10.5 trillion every year by 2025. Managed IT services devote their time, resources, and expertise to help improve your IT security. Managed service providers offer anti-malware software, firewall configuration, and network monitoring to ensure your system remains secure. The devices you use in your organization to transmit data, such as tablets, smartphones, servers, laptops, operating systems and desktops, must comply with security measures.

4. Enhances Business Scalability

Unexpected downtime can make you lose business opportunities and affect the customer experience. A report shows that server outages cost small businesses approximately $423 per minute and large businesses $9,000 per minute.

Managed IT service providers offer scalable IT solutions to help you achieve your goals. An IT firm will automate repetitive tasks to help your team work efficiently. The IT service providers can help upgrade your network equipment, cloud storage, and storage as your business grows. Some managed service providers will monitor your network to ensure your IT infrastructure is always available.

5. Mitigate Risks

One risk your business faces are software updates that cause downtime. However, when you manage your IT system in-house, you may not manage the risks on time. Finding the right resources to address the risk will also be a challenge. You don’t have to worry about managing risks with a managed IT service provider.

The service providers will address the risks quickly to help your business function as required. IT providers can inspect your IT system to identify risks and vulnerabilities. Moreover, managed service providers have disaster recovery plans to help you bounce back in case of data breaches, natural disasters, and catastrophic tech failures.

6. Round-The-Clock Management

A 24/7 supervision of your IT infrastructure is crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly. A managed IT service provider will monitor your Infrastructure regularly to ensure it complies. By doing that, the providers will be sure that you adhere to the compliance requirements.

7. Robust Infrastructure

It would be best if you had several processes in place to ensure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly. Managed It service providers offer 24/7 infrastructure management to ensure your Infrastructure remains robust. Any minor issue in your IT infrastructure can lead to downtime, which is unsuitable for business. If there are issues with your network, your employees will not function efficiently.

8. Improves Productivity

Managed IT service providers to build a scalable, streamlined support IT environment that enhances business productivity. You can access highly trained IT teams and network management resources when outsourcing your IT services. Managed service providers will ensure that your workflows are enhanced with a new technology that ensures everything runs smoothly. As a result, your employees will be more productive.

9. Simplify Complex Processes

For your organization to deliver results, you must pay attention to your infrastructure compliance. If you decide to manage your IT infrastructure in-house, you’ll have to deal with many complex processes. A trusted managed service provider has the necessary processes and workforce to handle complex problems. Since the service providers are experts in their field, they’ll focus on every aspect and have contingency plans to deal with any challenges.

Use a Managed IT Service Provider

Now you know ways managed IT services can help your business. Outsourcing your business needs will streamline your operations and help you save on costs. Centerpoint IT delivers IT solutions that will ensure your business’s success. We can help your business remain competitive and reach its next level. Contact us today to get started.

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