Atlanta Business Phone System Companies (Rankings/Reviews)

Whether you are looking for your first business phone system or it is time to upgrade, selecting the right business phone system and more importantly, the right company to design, deploy and support, is critical to business success.

Whether you are looking for your first business phone system or it is time to upgrade, selecting the right business phone system and more importantly, the right company to design, deploy and support, is critical to business success. System options from premises-based VoIP, Hybrid PBX or Cloud-based voice can seem complicated. However, a good phone system partner can help you select the right options customized to your budget and needs. It can’t be emphasized enough that the speed in which you connect to customers and your internal resources can be the difference between winning and losing.

As a managed IT company, business phone provider and technology consultant for nearly two decades, we are frequently asked our opinion on who are the top phone system companies to partner with for small and mid-sized businesses. Because one of our core values at Centerpoint IT is to “Have the Heart of Educators” by honestly answering the questions we are asked, we have provided a list of Top 5 Business Phone Systems in Atlanta.

We want you to be informed about VoIP solutions, so we’re providing information about five of the top carriers for businesses in Atlanta.

  • Business Telephone Equipment Inc. offers various system options from Avaya, ESI, IVX, Nortel and Cumulus VoIP. All of these systems have different capabilities to meet specific business needs of companies with 5 to 150 employees. They also offer refurbished phone system options.
  • Carousel provides a team of unified communication experts that can integrate and deliver a custom voice, data or video communications system to keep you connected to those that matter most to your business—your employees, partners and clients.
  • Clear Choice is a premier provider of Mitel and Ring Central voice solutions as well as other voice solutions. Clear Choice understands that “today’s technology is rapidly changing and clients have questions about what IP Phone system is right for them. Should they go with an onsite system or take it to the cloud? They have these conversations every day and can help guide our prospects to the right choice for them.”
  • Digitel Designs integrates and installs flexible, feature-rich business telephone system solutions from the world leaders in networking and communication technology. They can combine Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP trunking, IP telephony, IP fax, wireless, workplace collaboration, IP, digital and analog into a single platform, enabling you to deploy a traditional telephone system, IP telephony, or a combination of both.
  • Vertical is one of the largest communications systems integrators in North America that focuses on delivering powerful communications solutions to SMB and Large Enterprise customers. Today, Vertical offers best-of-breed solutions to companies nationwide through its national network of direct offices and channel partners. Vertical delivers hassle-free communications.

Why Is Your Choice of Phone Provider So Important?

Since computers, mobile devices, and VoIP are all designed to work together, it’s essential that you have a business phone system partner who understands modern telephone systems and how they can be used along with your other IT solutions to enhance collaboration and communications.

Keep in mind that unless you have a customized business phone solution and the personalized service you need, you most likely will not realize the business- impacting results a well-designed and well-supported voice system can deliver.

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