Are you considering outsourcing your IT services in Roswell, GA?

Finding an IT company in Roswell that you can trust is the key to outsourcing. Of course, working with a company that can meet your budgetary needs is critical too. To help you make your decision, let’s discuss the factors that can influence whether to work with an outside contractor. Once we’ve looked at what you need to think about when making this choice for your small- or medium-sized company, you will be able to make your choice with confidence.

1. Is IT a Priority for Your Bottom Line?

Like getting a repair on any machine, repairs, and maintenance on your computer network depending on what exactly is wrong, what needs to be updated and how many computers you have. Small businesses generally have a very tight budget. As a business owner, you need to look at the cost-benefit analysis for outsourcing your IT services. Before you get started, you can consider what type of service agreement is best for your company’s size. These three models are the most common:

Break-Fix Service

For small companies that use their computers sparingly, the Break-Fix service is a good fit. This service is like contacting the local “geek squad” when your computer breaks down. Break-Fix is exactly what the name alludes to, “you break it, we fix it,” each time you have a repair issue. You pay for each service as it comes up. You can minimize costs this way, but you can also end up with sudden costly repairs.

Per Device Service

A median type of service agreement, or a Per Device service, offers a continuing fee for each device serviced. These fees run up to $100 per month cost in an “a la carte” fashion. Your budget determines support and/or service rendered for each device throughout the month. If you have only a few computers for your business, this plan may be the best fit for you.

Per User Service

The Per-User service agreement is the most common service model used by small- and medium-sized businesses. This model is the most flexible, able to grow and adapt to any changes in your business while continuing maintenance of all your computers and devices. Costs can vary depending on your location and number and type of devices. Full-service computer services run approximately from $100 to $200 per user.

2. How Many Tasks Do You Want IT to Outsource?

Outsourcing your IT work in Roswell, GA can include a range of tasks. Some businesses prefer to retain some pieces of the work while others want to outsource everything. Your network size, the number of users and the factors listed below can be outsourced if you wish.

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Email archiving and filtering
  • IT support for employees
  • Maintaining a firewall
  • Protection from viruses
  • Software management
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing
  • Server and equipment maintenance
  • Mobile device management
  • Compliance management
  • Application management

You can include all of these IT tasks in your outsourced contract. Without a need to take on these tasks, your staff can focus on your core business.

3. Gaining IT Team Experience

Since your IT is critical to your business including all your data storage, planning, and records, it is important to have an experienced team that can act on a dime in a crisis. An ideal Roswell IT support company provides 24/7 support so that you have minimal downtime. The experience available from a dedicated IT company offers up-to-date knowledge and industry expertise that has unlimited value. If you are focusing on your core business, it is tough to keep up with all the trends and changes in the IT industry. Your IT services contractor has a full staff of highly trained technicians with decades of experience as a team.

4. Is Outsourcing Your IT Worth It?

Ultimately, every business owner needs to weigh the value of outsourcing IT support in Roswell, GA. Your small- or medium-sized business requires updated software and hardware for your computer network to stay competitive. However, if you think having IT support 24/7, on-call technicians that can maintain and repair your computers when needed is a priority for your company, then outsourcing your IT is definitely worth the cost. Your IT company in Roswell will handle your needs efficiently and with expertise, taking the responsibility off your hands.

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