How We Became the #1 Allworx Dealer in Atlanta and the Southeast 9 Years Running

It’s the most versatile business phone system in the world, and we’re proud to be a facilitator of it for companies throughout Greater Atlanta. We’ve upgraded many phone systems in our time, and yours can be next. Why should you choose Centerpoint IT for all your business phone system needs? We are the #1 Allworx dealer in Atlanta and the Southeast for 9 consecutive years.

We are a Platinum APEX, or Allworx Partner of Excellence, and have grown through our attention to delivering a dynamic customer experience for business VoIP phone system installation, training, and support that is second to none. This consistent growth has been fueled by innovative Centerpoint IT programs such as:

  • White Glove Installation: A best in class turn-key implementation and training process for delivering a smooth and effective transition to your new business phone system.
  • Allworx IP Support Plus: An affordable remote support program that helps you get the most out of your Allworx VoIP phone system now and in the future. Plus, FREE monthly Allworx training “lunch and learn” classes for basic admin and end-user training – all for one low monthly cost.
  • Allworx DR (disaster recovery):  Centerpoint IT’s innovative disaster recovery plan for Allworx customers gives you the peace of mind that in the event of an unexpected failure of your system we have you covered.  Centerpoint IT keeps your most recent database archived and can load onto one of our FREE hot spare loaner systems to have you back up in the same day (typically in minutes).
  • Full Service Managed IT Support: Your phone system is a business tool that has to work well on your network.  Centerpoint IT has a full-service IT department that helps with your initial implementation and can provide network troubleshooting support if an issue arises that impacts your business phone system.

We celebrated our 12-year anniversary this month — January 2018 — and are looking forward to decades more of bringing innovative IT solutions to Atlanta businesses of all types.

Centerpoint IT has also earned recognition on the 2017 INC 5000 list for fastest growing companies and is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.

How Allworx and Centerpoint IT Are Innovating Business Phone Systems in Atlanta

Take the seemingly random (but extremely indispensable) item of headsets, for example.

The Allworx® VergeTM IP phones support both wired and wireless headsets. Furthermore, the Verge 9312 IP phone supports two types of wireless headsets:  connections via Bluetooth devices and connections through the headset port which use wireless base-stations.

Because of all the possible combinations, there are many headset configurations available.

The Statistics Say It All

In November 2016, Allworx independently surveyed 486 business users who have access to both a desk phone at work and a smartphone to better understand how they use these communication devices to manage their business voice calls. What they found was sobering, if not predictable:

  • Only one in two (54%) business users regularly use their desk phones at work to make voice calls;
  • One in three (36%) business users regularly use their smartphones at work while their desk phones sit idle collecting dust; and
  • One in three (33%) business users are willing to give up their work desk phones completely.

You can see more of the Allworx survey data here.

When Allworx set out to build a new business phone family almost two years ago, they recognized that business desk phones are increasingly becoming isolated hardware islands in a sea of cubicles. While business users valued the high audio quality and business phone features of work desk phones, they clearly loved the convenience of their smartphones.

Why Allworx Verge?

Our working thesis was that in order for the next-generation of business phones to stay relevant in modern workplaces, they need to work seamlessly with mobile devices because mobile devices are the hubs of business communications. Let’s face it: Most people don’t have a passion for their desk phones but they can’t live without their smartphones.

Allworx officially introduced Allworx® Verge™ on January 18th, 2017 to bridge this very gap between desk phones and mobile devices. Verge offers the industry’s first-and-only mobility integration features, including:

  • Real-time sharing of contacts from mobile devices and Microsoft Outlook to Verge IP phones that are simple to use
  • Instant call handoff to and from Verge IP phones and mobile devices (via Reach)
  • Remote control of Verge IP phones using mobile devices (via Reach)
  • Bluetooth mobile call appearance (available in Verge 9312 IP phone only)

These are just a few of the many incredible features that are available in Verge.

Allworx: The Best Phone System for Schools

Allworx is also the best phone system for schools, as outlaid in this blog post on the site.

To quote from the Allworx blog post by Stewart Wenning:

“While many schools have upgraded their phone systems to the latest and greatest, Five-Star personnel encounter many K12 schools that are still using a decades-old analog phone system that takes up an entire room. The problem with these old phone systems is that in the long run, it ends up costing more to maintain it than to buy a new one. For example, a simple task like adding or moving a phone requires manual wiring by a technician, and finding replacement system components becomes a treasure hunt.

If this sounds a lot like the phone system at your school, it’s definitely time to consider a phone system upgrade. Newer VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems are far richer in features, more flexible, easier to maintain, and surprisingly affordable. More importantly, the new state-of-the-art functions that [our] VoIP phone system offers can help keep your students, teachers, and administrative staff safer and better informed.

As a technology solution provider that specializes in K12 schools, we’ve worked with more than 29 schools to implement new phone systems and submitted an even higher number of RFPs (request for Information).” The post lists “seven must-haves if you’re considering a new phone system for your K12 school district.”

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you we’re the best Allworx Dealer in Atlanta and the Southeast to deliver your business phone solutions, here’s further proof:

AllWorx Disaster Recovery      

Disaster recovery is near the top of the list of business IT priorities. That’s why Atlanta businesses choose Centerpoint for effective Allworx Disaster Recovery services that keep their business phones protected and operational.

Unexpected emergencies present serious risks to businesses of any size. Without the right IT support measures, a severe storm or power outage could put your business’ phone systems in jeopardy, with no means of getting them back up and running in good time.

Our business continuity planning is the perfect way to prepare your phone systems for an emergency situation, but without the right expertise, how can you be sure that you aren’t still at risk? That’s why you need the Centerpoint team of business phone experts.

As the only provider of business phone disaster recovery planning, Centerpoint IT is the best choice to ensure your primary method of communication is fully supported and protected through emergency situations.

With Centerpoint’s Allworx Disaster Recovery services in Atlanta, you’ll get many benefits, including:

  • Preparing your company’s phone systems for any disaster that could affect their functionality, whether it be a natural occurrence, cybercrime, power outage or human error.
  • Providing full failover of your lost phone system to a new setup so that you and your staff can keep in touch with coworkers, clients, and other vital contacts.
  • Offering an unparalleled 2-hour response time to completely rebuild your lost phone system when need be.

Unified Communications

Centerpoint can help you modernize your business phone systems with Unified Communications (UC) from Allworx that will transform your communication systems into a clear competitive advantage. As the #1 Allworx dealer in Atlanta, Georgia for 9 years running, you know you can rely on Centerpoint to provide innovative tools that will help you stay connected to customers and staff, such as:

  • Mobility that allows clients and employees to easily connect to the right resources anywhere in the world.
  • Reduced costs, allowing you to reallocate funds to other areas of your business that need attention.
  • A wide range of innovative features – customized call routing, call data reporting, call recording, conference calling, auto attendant, voicemail to e-mail, and much more – that make your communications easier and more effective, helping to increase productivity and improve your workflow.
  • Reliable business continuity, protecting your first line of communication from inclement weather, power outages and more.
  • Service from one of the only Atlanta managed service providers that have dedicated Phone Support and IT Support divisions under one roof.
  • Our team of experts works with you to design the best phone system solution for your business needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

With our help, you can ensure your business phones in Atlanta are available whenever you need them. Contact Centerpoint IT at (404) 781-0200 or to learn more today about how to get the #1 Allworx Dealer in Atlanta and the Southeast working hard for you.