Your Choice in Cloud Storage Service Depends on Secure Data-Sharing

You are starting to open up your horizons and consider national business plans. You are realizing that technology could help you follow through on this vision. IT could bridge the gap between your business and enterprise-level corporations, but you do not know what can take you to the next level. You understand some of the benefits of cloud storage and might even use Google Drive or DropBox for some business concerns, but these applications are too clunky. You cannot see how they could be deployed professionally. Transferring data between users on these platforms is too insecure for your needs.

If you hear your own concerns in the above, then you should check out Box, a new cloud storage service. Its main competitive advantages lay in its professional interface, BYOD adaptiveness, and sophisticated sharing and security features. These might be useful for internal communications in some businesses, but more likely you will experience the greatest lift in your ability to work with other members of your business network.

Box’s Security Advantage: Sharing Resources with Clients

Enterprise-grade collaboration features enable sophisticated and easy-to-use file sharing between you and your clients, vendors and contractors. This means more than Google Drive’s ability to share specific folders with a manually selected group of individuals.

Box allows you to create teams and grant levels of access to segments of your ecosystem for convenient security management. Timers can be set on shared resources, which extend through the life of the contract and no farther. These are just two of the time-saving features that set Box apart. What these features signify is a dedication to bring small/mid-sized businesses convenient and secure collaboration on a national or international level.

Advanced Functionality Requires Customer Service

If you read CNET’s Cloud Storage Service Comparison and scroll down to Box’s weaknesses, you will find that the features can be slightly overwhelming for personal use. What this should really tell you is that you need an experienced professional to sit down and introduce you to the interface, show you how to customize Box for your business.

Consulting with Atlanta businesses over the years has taught us that everyone, no matter how smart or tech-savvy, can benefit from a simple introduction to the features that might change the way you do business. Call us for a quick walkthrough.