Everything You Need to Know About Windows 365 for Your Business

The pandemic has changed the way we conduct business. A remote workspace has replaced the brick-and-mortar setup.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 365 for Your Business

The pandemic has changed the way we conduct business. A remote workspace has replaced the brick-and-mortar setup. Flexibility in the workplace is fast becoming the norm. Every company is looking for ways to have a flexible work culture while increasing productivity.

The pandemic has seen many businesses migrate from working in the office to a remote and office work setup. Most people, however, cannot shift their work from the computer in the office to their laptops at home. Luckily, Microsoft has come up with a solution to this hybrid work challenge. The cloud-based platform, Windows 365, is the solution. In this article, we will look at what Windows 365 is, its features, and its benefits to your company.

Windows 365

What is Windows 365?

Windows 365 is a cloud PC desktop that allows users to access their personal computers from anywhere. The platform takes cloud computing to a new level. Employees can get windows from any device. Windows 365 runs on remote servers, and the data is transferred through the internet, not a hard drive. Users only need one email login to move between their office and home devices. Microsoft Windows 365 supports Androids, Macs, iPads, and even Linux devices.

The subscription-based service allows users to stream Windows 10 and Windows 11 anytime. And anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Users can take their operating systems and data to the cloud.

Features of Windows 365

Windows 365 allows you to coordinate and connect your business from anywhere. It offers a comprehensive computing experience. Here are some features of Windows 365.


Microsoft Windows 365 is built on Azure virtual desktop and allows users to stream Windows 11 and 10 on the cloud on any device. 12 configurations provide different storage levels. You can choose the version depending on your business requirements.


With Windows 365, users enjoy a rich browsing experience. It is seamless to work on any device.

Device Compatibility

Windows has made it easy to work across different devices. Once you install the Microsoft remote desktop app, you’ll have your whole office on your screen.

How Does Windows 365 Work?

Windows 365 allows users to gain access to Windows 10 and Windows 11. When the cloud personal computer has been set up, you can use your remote desktop app, Chrome or Firefox, to sign in to the Microsoft cloud PC website. Once you sign in, you can get access to apps like Excel, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Windows 365 is suitable for all businesses, no matter their size.

Benefits of Windows 365

With Windows 365, users get the best experience on any device or platform. It also supports third-party apps such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. If you have more than 150 users, you’ll get the Microsoft App Assure service to solve compatibility issues without charge.

The primary goal of the cloud-based subscription is to make organizations from being less dependent on their physical hardware without affecting productivity. The personal computer is on the cloud and allows users to work freely without worrying about data security. Other benefits of using Windows 365 for your business include:

Reduced Costs

Windows 365 has a predictable fixed-cost model and lower costs. Using the cloud-based service allows you to eliminate costs in procurement, remote desktop licensing, server operating systems, and storage. The cloud pricing is on a per-user and per-month model. Organizations can match their storage and computing needs to individual requirements. With Windows 35, you can allocate costs efficiently.

Business Scalability

Windows 365 can grow with your business, making it scale quickly. You can create a custom solution for different departments in your organization. It is also easy to remove or add users. You can scale up as you need, and your team will work on tools they are already familiar with. You do not have to use new tools.

User Agility

Employees churn rates have increased, delays in supply chains and contractors are permanently remote, and it can be hard to find new employees. That is not a problem with Windows 365. It offers employees secure cloud personal computers on their devices within a few minutes. Windows 365 also results in reduced IT effort. Your new employees can work quickly since they will get a secure corporate desktop on the cloud.


If you love Microsoft Office software but still want to use Apple hardware, Windows 365 allows you to do that. The cloud-based PC improves flexibility and allows remote workers to carry their devices.

Maximum security

With the number of employees increasing, employees are using hardware not meant for corporate networks. As a result, there is a risk of data loss and increased security. An organization that uses windows 365 can improve its security in the following areas:

Business Continuity

The pandemic forced businesses to re-shift and rethink their remote work approach. Organizations adopted Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to ensure employees continue working from home at the expense of security and governance. Windows 365 technology is a viable solution for business continuity. It reduces disruption and maintains governance to give users a smooth transition.

Protection of Company Data

Windows cloud pc device does not store data on the device but in the cloud. Therefore, even if the hardware gets stolen, the company data will not lead to data loss.

Secure Remote Work

Cloud personal computers allow hybrid workers to do their work securely. Users don’t need access to the corporate network. Windows 365 provides an additional layer of protection. You can rest easy knowing that your work environment is secure and there is no data leakage.

Easy Collaboration

Microsoft Windows 365 has collaboration features that allow your teams to work on their presentations or tasks. Users can make changes to a document in one version rather than in multiple versions.


It is easy to set up Microsoft Windows 365. Our IT experts will help you install the required applications to boost your business. Windows 365 will take your business to a whole new level. Contact us if you want experts in Windows 365.