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Windows 11 Support in Atlanta: Preparing for the Upgrade

With Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, Microsoft has announced the anticipated release of its new operating system, Windows 11. With the release of any major upgrade, especially a new operating system, planning will need to be done in advance so your businesses will have a smooth and stable transition without causing any interference with your infrastructure. If your business is not properly prepared for an upgrade of Windows 11, you may run into significant downtime, frustrated employees, and a reduction in your productivity and efficiency.

The announcement of Windows 11 came quickly and was a surprise to many. With an anticipated release date in October 2021, the new enhanced features, improvements to performance, and enhanced security updates look promising and many Windows users are looking forward to the release of the new operating system. Windows 11 has some exciting features that are designed to improve productivity, so the Windows 11 upgrade is certainly one that your business will want to prepare and plan for.

Should Your Business in Atlanta Update to Windows 11?

Before the release of Windows 11 arrives, many people will want to know the answer to this question, “Should I update to Windows 11?” As mentioned earlier, the end of life for Windows 10 is scheduled for October 14th, 2025. While you can still use the operating system after that date, there are several reasons why it would not be recommended to do so. This is certainly true in a business environment where security is a concern. All operating systems require constant updates and patches to address security threats.

After October 14, 2025, any devices that are still using Windows 10 will not receive updates that are used to stay on top of security attacks. In 2020, the FBI sent out a warning to businesses that were still running  Windows 7  systems and alerted businesses that Windows 7 systems were at significant risk of hacks, breaches, and other cybersecurity problems because there were no longer any security updates for that specific operating system.

If you want to protect your Atlanta business from the rising cybersecurity threats, you should certainly prepare to upgrade to Windows 11. However, the enhanced security features will not be the only reason to upgrade. Other reasons to upgrade are the new user interface and the compatibility with new applications and hardware.

Businesses that do not upgrade to a new OS once it is released are at risk of:

  • The inability to use new applications and hardware that have been developed for the new operating system
  • Current and future security issues
  • Not being able to maintain the same pace as your competitors who have upgraded to the new operating system
  • Falling behind on user productivity and efficiency because you are not using the latest operating system
  • Trying to find last-minute support or resources to upgrade to a new OS once the previous operating system reaches its end of life

Before planning for a Windows 11 upgrade, there are several things you will need to consider to ensure you have a smooth transition when the release date arrives.

Preparing for the Windows 11 Upgrade

When the Windows 11 upgrade becomes available to the public, businesses throughout Atlanta and North Georgia will be reaching out to IT professionals for assistance with the upgrade. On August 23, Microsoft dropped a strong hint about the Windows 11 release date on its official Twitter account, with a subtle tweet suggesting the release date of Windows 11 would occur on October 20, 2021, at 11:11.

Microsoft has already stated that Windows 11 will be released in time for the holiday season, but there has yet to be a public confirmation of the release date. If the new OS is to be released on October 20, we expect that some users may not have Windows 11 on their devices until 2022. Although the specific date has yet to be confirmed, you can reach out to Centerpoint IT to schedule a consultation to ensure you will have the Windows 11 support you need when the time comes.

Will Your Devices Be Compatible With Windows 11?

Windows users will be able to install Windows 11 on a variety of devices, but not all Windows 10 devices will be compatible with Windows 11. It is important to know what devices can be upgraded to Windows 11 and what devices you may need to replace. If your Atlanta or North Georgia business runs custom software and applications, the devices may need to be updated before they will be compatible with Windows 11. It is important to know if there are any parts of your upgrade process that need to be changed before you start the upgrade process. There are various things that can impact your upgrade to Windows 11, so it is important to have an established plan before the release date.

Backup Sensitive Data and Prepare Your Employees

As with any change or upgrade to a major operating system, it is important to backup sensitive and confidential data to external sources that will not be changed or interacted with during the Windows 11 upgrade process. It is also important to prepare users and ensure they are trained in advance on the new operating system. Preparing your employees months before the release can ensure that all users will easily adjust to the new features. When users are not prepared for the new features and interface, this can lead to a loss of efficiency and productivity. Share information about the new features with your employees so they will not be caught off-guard when changes begin to take place.

The latest announcements about Windows 11 have led to a willingness to prepare for the anticipated update. Centerpoint IT is prepared to educate Atlanta business leaders on the requirements for Windows 11 and help determine if hardware and applications in your workstations are ready for Windows 11. As with the majority of Windows releases and updates, we recommend developing a solid strategy so any issues can be quickly corrected. As we move closer to the anticipated release date of Windows 11, we will be here to provide a smooth and stable transition for all Atlanta and North Georgia business owners.

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