Why It Is World Backup Day instead of “World SaaS Day”?


Let’s face it: holidays are not presented as gifts to individuals like St. Valentine. They are reminders to those of us still living. We think about heroes, saints, or soldiers and look up to their accomplishments/sacrifices.

We might even remember to do something a little differently in our own lives. You know, like sending a few roses to a loved one.

Good, positive, no-brainer things we easily forget in the daily hustle.

That is what makes World Backup Day so amazing. This new IT-centric holiday celebrates an unsung hero of the modern era: the data that keeps your business alive, breathing, and profitable.

As IT experts, we know that taking data and IT for granted is a great way to lose it. But try telling that to someone who has not lost tens of thousands because their server crashed and burned, along with last month’s invoices.

Of all the systems, processes, and advancements that could be turned into a holiday, the choice of backups should send a strong signal. Maybe all of those IT folks are right? Maybe it really is worth professional time and attention to manage my data?

Great Backups Require Customer Service

Like any service, the quality of backups are measured by the attention you ante up. Sure, you can make a split decision and pay for an automated process. That would help cover your business in some cases.

But – and we hate saying that – but an unmanaged backup plan can leave gaps in your protection. Sometimes backups fail and need to be manually pushed through. With no one to monitor the process, backups can still leave your data vulnerable.

This scenario is only one all-too-common mishap. We have also seen poorly planned backups neglect to cover invaluable information because the business owner held misconceptions about the files and folders his plan covered.

A great backup plan will combine the experience of a tech professional and a deep understanding of how your organization works. That takes facetime, trust, and communication. Keeping your data secure is worth the effort.

Happy World Backup Day!

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