Why does New Hardware have to be Complicated?

Updates, upgrades, patches, and new hardware have been among the leading causes of unnecessary work stress for the last 30 years. But is it really that big of a pain? The other day, I saw a neighbor breaking up his sidewalk with a sledgehammer. Not necessarily the easiest work, but it could have been easier. I told him he could finish the job in a fraction of the time with much less effort using a digging bar to lift the concrete so that the soil wouldn’t support it. After lifting the concrete up with the digging bar, one swipe of the hammer broke the concrete into two pieces making it easy to haul off.

Harder but Easier

Computers give us the same effect. Once we know a job can be easier, we have a hard time doing things the old way. Sometimes the old way isn’t even worth doing at all. When the power drops in an office, many companies will just shut their doors for the day instead of temporarily using paper.

The power going out is a clear reminder of how far technology has taken us. It’s obviously made life significantly more efficient and easier, but the problems IT systems encounter are more complicated. A digging bar isn’t going to help.

When IT problems arise, solutions require thought and expertise. Most people would much rather do their job than figure out how their IT system works and solve the problem. The perception that IT is complicated is a major problem because it prevents people from moving forward. IBM’s PureSystems have been developed to change the way people think. It proves that IT can be less complicated and more user friendly.

Less is More

PureSystems provide a turnkey IT solution that can simplify an office’s move into the future. Just like ordering a PC online, IBM’s PureSystems are pre-configured and dropped off at the office. Plugging in a couple wires is enough to get the systems up and running. If you are busy pounding your computers with a sledgehammer, it might be time to take the next step.