Why does My IT System Keep Breaking?

There are many reasons an IT system can experience problems, but the main cause of those problems is normally improper planning. Despite our best efforts to keep pace with the latest and greatest in technology, there is no amount of tech that can redeem a hodge podge system.

One of the biggest expenses of an IT system is maintenance. As hardware gets old and parts are changed over time, system maintenance increases. Digging yourself out of the proverbial IT hole only becomes harder. When the constant breakdowns and problems reach your pain threshold, it’s better to start over from scratch. Luckily, there’s never been a better time than now to buy an integrated IT system. IBM has created an easier, more affordable IT solution so you can stop thinking about IT and get back to the work you love.

IBM’s PureSystems

The IBM PureSystems family reduces an IT system’s complexity to lower management costs and speed up service delivery. One system can natively support multiple computing architectures, operating systems and hypervisors. There is probably more power in one box than in your entire server room – and with half the complexity.

IBM PureSystems is made up of hardware and software components that can do anything you need them to do. It combines servers, storage, networking, layers of virtualization, middleware and management into a single intelligent resource pool. The system will dynamically adjust to demand spikes and reallocate system resources automatically.

In a nutshell, your servers will feel more like your smartphone than your old server system. Instead of crashing and bugs, applications will load quickly and feel much more responsive than before. As an added bonus, the reduced hardware footprint will free up space and reduce your software licensing fees.

An integrated IT solution will give you a single point of control to cut management time and reduce expenses. So why does your IT system keep breaking? The answer is easy. It’s because you don’t own an IBM PureSystem yet.