Why do Server Rooms have to be so Cluttered?

Remember how big desktop computers used to be 20 years ago? Even though they were the only computers we knew, they were rightly called “towers”. We were all aware that computers would shrink over time, but holding a modern smartphone that is more powerful than our first PC’s is still pretty incredible. Now, we have a thin phone and LED screen and the computer part of things is largely hidden. Yet, there is one place in technology that hasn’t become fashionable until recently: the server room.

Servers can look good too

Fashionable people usually take longer to get ready than the normal joe, but the opposite is true with technology. Sleek electronics don’t just look good, they feel good too. They are easier to setup than before and they look good while you do it. IBM’s PureFlex System is taking these trends in consumer electronics and applying them to enterprise class IT systems.

Since PureFlex systems are pre-configured for your business, setup time is cut in half. They can run all of your applications using half of the floorspace of previous server setups. To top it off, a PureFlex system runs on 40% less power than previous server setups. It’s easy, small, and powerful. Everything you would expect from modern technology.

…but wait, there’s more

You can get a virtual tour of a PureFlex System, but it’s most attractive features are below the hood. Yes, the hardware is faster, but that’s what we’ve come to expect. The best improvement of them all is that the hardware is easier to use and manage. The ease improves response times and decreases the time it takes to maintain the system.

The gain in efficiency is so significant, it will affect your bottom line. IBM has had help developing a cost calculator that can show you how much money you will save over the lifetime of the system. So the next time you accidentally leave your server room door open, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. IBM’s PureFlex systems won’t just look good, it will perform better than anything you’ve owned before too.