Who Offers WatchGuard support in Atlanta?

CenterPoint IT provides WatchGuard support in Atlanta. Find out why you should consider WatchGuard products for your business.  

Centerpoint IT Offers WatchGuard Technologies Hardware to Combat Cybercrime in Atlanta

CenterPoint IT provides WatchGuard support in Atlanta. Find out why you should consider WatchGuard products for your business.  

Hacking attempts can have a lasting impact on hardware and software components.

“With respect to chips and the devices in which they reside, tasks such as performing an Internet search, editing a document on a computer, making a mobile phone call, and conducting a financial transaction rely on a complex interplay between software and hardware. “Software” refers to the set of instructions that describe how a task is performed, while “hardware” refers to the circuits that do the work to perform the task,” according to the Brookings Institution.

So, doesn’t it make sense to include hardware and software solutions in your arsenal to combat cyberattacks on your business? Centerpoint IT partners with WatchGuard Technologies to provide hardware solutions to clients in Atlanta, GA.

What Are the Advantages of WatchGuard Technologies Products?

“f each device on your network has a software firewall, your network’s still protected if one device is infiltrated. Software firewalls also allow your employees to work from their favorite coffeehouse and enjoy the same online security they get in the office,” according to Business.org.

WatchGuard Technologies pioneered plug-and-play firewalls for SMBs and now provides affordable security products such as integrate firewall and VPN hardware.

The company’s XTM security appliances give users broad functionality that includes:

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • HTTPS content inspection
  • VoIP support

These devices are powered by the company’s Fireware XTM OS software. Centerpoint IT’s hardware consultants are proficient in WatchGuard’s firewall and VPN products and we offer remote and on-site troubleshooting when you’re ready to implement these tools and create a more secure environment for your IT infrastructure.

What WatchGuard Products Does Centerpoint IT Support?

Centerpoint IT supports all of WatchGuard’s integrated firewall/VPN appliances as well as its SSL VPN devices for branch offices, remote users, and small to midsize companies. We can install XTM routers, upgrade legacy WatchGuard products with newer appliances, and recommend devices that best meet your business needs and budget.

Here are just some of the latest WatchGuard devices we support and maintenance for our clients:

  • XTM 2 Series: This integrated firewall/VPN appliance sits on your desktop and handles secure connectivity for remote offices and small businesses.
  • WatchGuard XTM 5 Series: This desktop device fits small businesses and remote office needs.
  • WatchGuard XTM 8 Series: This firewall appliance and VPN has a desktop and rack-mountable for data centers.
  • WatchGuard XTM 1050: This 2U rack-mountable-chassis firewall and VPN is designed for enterprise-level applications for a great price-to-performance ratio.

How Does Centerpoint IT Keep You Safe?

Centerpoint IT consultants include security experts, network engineers, and other IT professionals who together offer comprehension management of your entire IT environment, including hardware selection, maintenance, and tracking.

Ask about our employee monitoring service that ensures employees are productively using business resources or augment your internal staff with outsourced experts with proven experience. We can set up an initial evaluation of your current IT infrastructure to suggest areas of improvement and where your IT budget can be best spent on a more productive network and secure cybersecurity practices.

Contact us today for WatchGuard support in Atlanta and all your IT outsourcing needs.