Who Notices When Your Backups Fail?

You almost never use a spare tire, but you still keep it in the trunk. Just in case you run into some shrapnel on the highway, or you forget to rotate your wheels, you want to recover quickly and get back on the road. The same goes for your IT backups.

The difference is: your tire is not going anywhere, but we see backups fail all the time. If your data is corrupted, you want the backup to be easily recoverable and as recent as possible. A prospective client of ours is finding this out right now.

No one noticed their system’s automatic backup process had been offline for about 6 or 7 months. Then, when their data was corrupted, they referred to their disc. Except the tire was nowhere to be seen. Rebooting with the backup would incur a half year of data loss. Our IT personnel are attempting to recover the corrupted files right now, but whatever we cannot retrieve will be lost. They will need to recapture it by redoing the work manually.

Backup failures happen more frequently than you might realize. When we asked our own Senior Engineer, Scott Gray, how frequently he sees automatic backup failures, he said, “On any given day, one or two backup jobs do not perform like they should, and we manually push them through.”

Our managed IT services package installs a small piece of software to your workstations. This agent performs a number of automatic processes and alerts our staff when something is not functioning like it should. The system notifies Scott, and he takes care of the issue, whatever it might be. Without managed IT services, your tire could have fallen out way back on Route 66, and you would not know.

Even businesses with a dedicated IT staff can easily miss the little, daily processes that ensure business IT functionality because the staff is too busy with other pressing concerns to dot their i’s and cross their t’s.

Our advanced IT managed services technology allows us to keep an eye out for any potential problems as they arise. We keep the tire in the trunk, rotate the wheels, and oil your IT to ensure you are always running at full speed.