Who Conducts a Wireless Networking Assessment In Atlanta?

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No matter what business or industry you work in, it’s likely that the internet plays a huge role in how your company functions. Whether it’s staff communication, project management, or handling sensitive materials, the internet helps our business stay afloat and take strides in the right direction. Furthermore, given the amount of personal information that many companies deal with on any given day, the safety of your network means everything. Also, hackers and scammers are getting smarter and smarter by the day.

Even one slip of valuable information can send your business burning to the ground. With all that being said, network security should be at the forefront of your list of priorities. If you’re looking to protect your company from a networking disaster, then be sure to contact Centerpoint IT. Located in Metro Atlanta, Centerpoint IT is a managed IT services company that provides new, cutting-edge technology for both small and mid-sized businesses. IT problems can cause severe headaches and very time-consuming projects.

Here at Centerpoint IT, we only employ highly-experienced IT professionals with years of experience handling the toughest IT issues out there. Although we are located in Atlanta, we are proud to offer IT solutions all over the globe. Not sure if you’re having an IT problem? To better assist you, we highly recommend contacting us for a wireless networking assessment. This critical service can give us a full report on how your network is performing and what can be done to improve its safety and effectiveness.

Wireless Networking Assessments

If you’re not sure about the safety or effectiveness of your network, you could be dealing with many severe issues in the future. From small businesses to large corporations, network security can mean everything. By not knowing where your network stands in regards to effectiveness and security, you could be doing more harm than good.

For fast and practical solutions to all of your IT needs, Centerpoint IT has you covered. When we conduct a wireless networking assessment, we’ll take a look at your network security and also ensure that your network is correctly set up. With the complexity of networking and other various technology involved, it’s possible to see mistakes in the installation process. Given that there are thousands of essential files shared throughout any given network, making sure that your network is protected can also go a long way. Centerpoint IT is proud to employ IT experts with decades of experience in the field.

Using our skills and expertise, we can make sure that your network is configured correctly and working safely. Although you may believe that you can handle the networking installation on your own, it’s best to seek a professional to ensure your relevant information is protected.


In life, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to the installation and security of your network, safety should be your top concern. Here at Centerpoint IT, are proud to offer professional networking assessments to ensure your business is safe. Take a look at a few benefits of choosing us for a network assessment:

Better Performance

Not only can a networking assessment help protect your precious information, but it can also help with its performance. Is your internet running too slow? Losing money over an unresponsive network or one that can’t handle the workflow? Our assessments can ensure that your system is appropriately set up and configured correctly. An improper installation might seem to be working, but you might be missing out on the full potential of your network. Our assessment can help pinpoint any installation issues and help ensure top speed and performance.

Increased Safety

As we mentioned before, safety means everything in regards to your network. Fro important communication within the business to confidential information, your company can’t afford to deal with any safety issues. If your network is hacked, it can mean disaster for your whole company. Since our team stays up-to-date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities, we’ll conduct a full examination of your network to ensure your protected. Not only can we help your company stay protected, but we can also implement specific security processes that can also save you money.

Ability to Scale and Grow Your Business

Sometimes the only thing holding a company back is their ability to scale and grow. Although that can be caused by multiple different avenues, sometimes the cause lies with a poor network and a lack of cutting-edge technology. A networking assessment from Centerpoint IT can help detect problems in your technology that might be holding you back from your goals. By taking advantage of our serves, we can help improve your network security and overall performance of how your business works. If we can improve how your business functions, it can lead to better technology, more profits, and growth that you never thought was possible.

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If you’re considering a wireless networking assessment, then Centerpoint IT is here to help. Not only can our services help increase the security of your networking efforts, but it can also help improve communication and result in a more enjoyable exocrine for the customer.

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