What Would You Do Without E-mail?

iStock_000021298311XSmallWhen you walk into the office, you expect the phone lines and power to work. If they don’t, then you may as well pick up your briefcase and walk home. What would you do without e-mail?

E-mail is a Utility

Anything that is critical to your company is like a utility. In order to make sure it will always function, businesses outsource utilities to professionals who are extremely knowledgeable on the subject. In the event that something goes wrong, your utility company has skilled technicians who can fix it. Many of our clients outsource their email to the cloud for the same reasons.

E-mail on the Cloud

Cloud-enabled email services makes email completely dependable. It gives our clients a speedy, reliable, and foolproof solution that has business continuity built in.

Cloud-enabled services are housed in a data center. Their servers are tightly secured, have multiple power sources, multiple channels to the outside world, and technicians working around the clock.

Too Reliable?

One of our clients had become so accustomed to e-mail server malfunctions, it was difficult to accept the dependability of the cloud. Our IT contact called us on Monday with an interesting story from the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, the firm’s president had called her unexpectedly. As the IT go-to, she anticipated a problem when she answered:
“Hi. I think something’s wrong with e-mail!”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well I haven’t received any e-mail since Friday!”
She immediately started to troubleshoot, “Well, let me try sending you a message right now… OK, did that come through?”
“Oh… yea, it did.”
“I guess you just haven’t received any e-mails since Friday.”
“Oh, ok. Thanks. Have a great afternoon.”

Business people rely on their e-mail. At the same time, most businesses take intermittencies as a given. They do not comprehend IT dependability until they push a service or to to the cloud.