What Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Within the last few years, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) have become available to small and mid-sized businesses. That is incredibly exciting to us because we know what VDI can do. We have seen it in action. And we think you should be excited too.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Is NOT Like Terminal Server Desktops

You might have heard of terminal server desktops. Reviews were not good, due to performance and interface issues. You could not customize the desktop, for example. Everyone needed to use the same icons and applications. Every time you logged out, all your bookmarks and favorites were lost. The battle for customization was lost, and employees felt like worker bees in a hive.

The industry said: there has to be a better way!

There is a better way, and it is called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

VMWare Horizon and the Admin Side of VDI

VDIs are customizable, but they are also easy to upgrade. Here is how it works:

Admins work in a master-clone environment. A number of master sets are created for the virtualized PCs. These are essentially desktop types for roles within your organization. You might construct an executive desktop, a layout for your team leaders, etc. Your choices are completely up to you and reliant upon how your team works the most effectively.

The administrator only needs to update, upgrade, and install new programs to the masters, and Horizon duplicates the process on every single one of the clones under the master type. The VDI performs the vast majority of your work for you while enabling personalization of the desktop environment.

What a simple way of doing things.

How Simplification Creates Growth Opportunities

Did you ever swap out a non-Apple product for an Apple product? You probably realized an almost immediate difference in terms of convenience and speed. Tasks could be accomplished more quickly, which opened up a range of possibilities. You could communicate more frequently, with more people, or you started to use the device to accomplish tasks, and those saved you even more time.

Through convenience and simplicity, VDI brings a new level of functionality to the workstation upgrade process. It also reduces the effective overhead for new programs and security updates. By simplifying administrative duties, Horizon broadens your IT horizon.

We have seen VDI help a number of our clients grow over the last two years, and we would be happy to discuss whether Horizon is the right choice for your organization.

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