What Are The Security Risks With Facebook WiFi?

Some of the greatest challenges any business will face are increasing its customer base, growing average orders, improving advertising and marketing response rates, and increasing local exposure.

What Are The Security Risks With Facebook WiFi?

Some of the greatest challenges any business will face are increasing its customer base, growing average orders, improving advertising and marketing response rates, and increasing local exposure. While these are all struggles that every business can suffer from at any point, in ultra-competitive industries, it is even more critical to success.

Not addressing the most challenging areas can mean your ROI will be lowered, in turn, forcing you to spend more just to keep sales up. Of course, to have success in growing your business, you will need to have the proper foundation to provide the products and services your target audience needs. There are simple social media tactics, particularly Facebook, that can be used with Wi-Fi that you may use to save money.

While the growth in Facebook has slowed in recent years, it is still the largest social media platform. Facebook’s free WiFi feature allows consumers to check into a business on Facebook in exchange for free WiFi. This feature encourages businesses of all sizes to use the social media platform to maintain their business pages. However, this feature means users will need to be very cautious when connecting.

Facebook WiFi for Check-Ins

When consumers find themselves out and about in Atlanta and North Georgia in various spaces, finding free WiFi may be important to them. Facebook will let consumers check into any business that is participating in exchange for access to a free WiFi connection. Business owners also find benefits in this because it allows them to share special offers and announcements to those users who have checked in.

Facebook WiFi allows customers to use their Facebook credentials to check into your business or interact with your business’s Facebook page. If consumers are not fans of sharing things on the social media platform, there are browser landing pages that will include links those individuals can use to skip the check-in process. These individuals will be given a code instead, which some may prefer over sharing their profiles.

Gaining Insight On Customers

Businesses can gain instant access to the demographic data of individuals who use your business’s WiFi. From knowing their age group, their gender, and their interests, your business will gain access to key information (information some users may not be happy about sharing).

Attracting Attention To Your Business

When customers use Facebook WiFi to get connected, they will have the ability to engage with your business and like your Facebook page. This can lead to attention from other nearby customers or the friends of your customers.

What About Privacy and Security?

We are aware that expecting people to avoid connecting to public and free WiFi just because of the security risks it presents does not always outweigh the benefits of saving data while you are on a global trip. Instead, we encourage all users to take precautions and play it safe.

Any free WiFi connection will come with a variety of security risks and privacy issues. By learning about the possible security risks and taking steps to prevent them, your business will be able to maximize the benefits and minimize any negatives.

For the sake of your customers’ data and your business data, you will need to ensure you have a secure WiFi network. A secure network will not only protect your confidential business data, but it will also prevent your customers’ information from being compromised – preventing any legal ramifications from a data breach. Facebook WiFi should not be associated with low-quality and unsecured connections.

Put cybersecurity practices in place that can be used to protect your entire network from attacks, viruses, malware, etc. Your software should also be up-to-date to protect your system against emerging threats.

What Risks Can Facebook WiFi Pose To Your Business?

For businesses of any size, WiFi can be a security risk for the internal network. Common access points to WiFi networks include the following:


Piggybacking occurs when a wireless internet connection is accessed by using another subscriber’s wireless service without permission or knowledge of the subscriber. Once piggybacking occurs, the users can hack confidential and sensitive information and perform other illegal activities.


Malware can easily be injected into a network if the WiFi connection is not as secure as you thought. Malware can gain access to devices and pose a serious threat to your network security.

Security breaches

Security breaches can be intentional or unintentional. Security breaches can occur in the form of a brute force attack or they can occur in the form of a phishing email that will result in personal information being shared with a malicious source.

Protecting Your Business and Customer Data

Even with Facebook WiFi and other secured and public WiFi connections, the intent to access the connection may not be malicious, but it still opens the door to risks. Your business can improve its cybersecurity program to protect your network and prevent unauthorized access to your data, as well as the data of your customers who are accessing your network.

Here are a few steps you can take to strengthen your cybersecurity program:

  • Change default passwords; program personalized passwords on any network devices
  • Restrict unwanted access to your business data by using separate networks for employees and guests
  • Encrypt your business’s wireless data so you can prevent anyone who has gain access to your network from viewing the sensitive information within your network

Free WiFi is easy for consumers to connect to as it is for anyone with malicious intent — meaning anyone who has any interest in gaining access to your sensitive information could use Facebook WiFi and take confidential information. Offering Facebook WiFi will mean effective ransomware, phishing, and malware protection.

Many individuals recognize that using open WiFi is not the most secure option, many are not aware of all the risks that can be presented. To make sure your business’s connection is secure, we recommend having an effective cybersecurity plan in place to minimize potential security risks. You can save yourself future headaches and frustration by having your internet and security needs evaluated with the help of a Managed IT Support and IT Services provider.

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