What Are the Main Benefits of a Hosted PBX Phone System?

The benefits of a cloud-hosted phone system (PBX) are many, and widely-varied. For anyone tired of dealing with hard-to-manage old-school legacy systems or VoIP that’s taking up too much bandwidth and IT resources, you’ll want to consider moving to a cloud-based PBX hosting platform. Some of the main benefits include cost-efficiency, scalable options for better growth management, better reliability, and disaster recovery where your phone records can be instantly retrieved.

Hosted PBX

Below, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons to use a PBX-hosted phone system on the cloud:

  1. Cost-per-user rather than buying expensive equipment. A cloud-based hosted PBX racks up less in overall expenses, which primarily come in the form of repairs and service calls and downtime incurred by the in-house maintenance required for legacy phone systems, and also means it’s easily movable. There’s also no need to have certified staff or software subscriptions. Third-party vendors manage hosted PBX systems, which allows you to have reduced infrastructure needs. Scalable monthly costs based on individual user, and no additional cost for added features is also an attractive feature.
  2. Reliability and Redundancy. With PBX hosting, you get multiple redundant servers in geographically dispersed locations with 99.9999% up-time. You also get to connect each and every call free of lagging response times, reduction in call quality, or delays of any kind. Thank Internet-based telephony for the clearer reception, as well.
  1. Data Recovery and Backup. Hosted PBX allows you to purchase and set it up via Internet connection like with traditional IP phone systems, but the cloud provides optimum backup and disaster recovery. In other words, if your building got flooded, burned down, or robbed, you could still be up and running in minutes.
  1. Web-based Management and Reportage. With easy-to-install Web-based management and reportage, you can track all calls – answered or unanswered. This means you can follow-up on missed calls for sales leads and client conferencing much better than with legacy systems. The management system also allows you to track employee changeover, voice mail greetings, and the forwarding of calls.
  1. Flexibility. With PBX hosting service, you have the ability to expand or contract your phone communications as needed, quite simply and easily. You also get the advantage of having a Virtual Office and no geographical limitations. You also won’t be locked into a binding contract, a trick used by traditional telecom companies to raise their stock with shareholders. PBX hosting earns your business every day that it performs for you by way of a unified communications system that never goes obsolete.

Additional Benefits

Along with all that, PBX hosting frees you from any capital expenditures and gives you the ability to dial local numbers throughout any region, territory or country. You also enjoy SIP standards, and advanced feature sets like CDRs, ACD, Soft Phones, and SIM ring.