What a Premium Value Added Reseller (VAR) Does: Communications App Curation


How do you know you are working with a premium Value Added Reseller (VAR)? By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of some of the processes and approaches a premium VAR will take to put the VALUE-ADD in VAR.


Vendor Curation

Every VAR receives countless offers from new technologies that are going to market. Every one of them sounds like it has potential. Your business might receive a great deal of the same offers – more than you would want. For you, the problem isn’t quantity; it’s quality. It’s about choosing the right apps for your small business.


We vet our vendors to make sure they have a stable application, lots of features and benefits, and a good support structure. Then, once we understand they will stay in business and will be good for our customers, we can start introducing them to our clients – because our clients don’t have time to go through this process themselves.


Client Education

Education is one of the core competencies of a premium VAR because the business needs you to play a strategic role, not a merely supportive one. This issue is currently blowing up the enterprise space, as CMOs and CEOs demand more topline-driven CIOs. In the SMB space, communication is a necessity in a VAR.


We host events at our headquarters and test-drive the applications within our facility, enabling our clients to come in and learn about our curated list of vendors. At the same time, we can take the opportunity to learn more about our clients, learning about the PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY that they currently have in place.


By technology we mean communications apps – not hardware. At this point, any hardware will suffice – as long as it supports smooth, professional-grade functionality. Your business PROCESS never touches the hardware; it interfaces with the software.


Then we can help you find a better marriage of PEOPLE and PROCESS through TECHNOLOGY. That means leaner upkeep, higher productivity, and better communications with your customers.


You might hear us ask the 3 simple questions that cover all the important angles of your communications strategy. You might hear us evaluate your technology through the 5 most critical criteria. Or you might ask your VAR if they can help you envision a better communications platform for your business.