Searching For A Watchguard Firewall Support Company In Atlanta?

Are you looking for Watchguard Firewall support in Atlanta? Centerpoint IT has the services you need. Here is why this support is important & how we can help.

Watchguard Firewall Support: Important to Your Small or Medium-Sized Business

Watchguard Firewall is a popular product that is designed to protect your company’s computers and servers from unauthorized programs like ransomware and malware. It is used by a lot of small to medium-sized companies, and these companies rely on it to keep their computers safe. It is more challenging for a smaller company to come back from a data breach than it would be for a larger company. If your firewall goes down, it could potentially expose sensitive company or customer information, and put you out of business. Making sure your firewall is in tip-top shape and working perfectly at all times is essential to the health and wellbeing of your company.

There are eight primary IT security threats all small businesses should be aware of and take measures to protect against (there are, of course, others, but these are the top ones). They are:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Email Compromise
  • Supply chain hacking
  • Remote access Trojan
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Spyware infections
  • IoT security breaches

Centerpoint IT is an IT company located in Atlanta that serves businesses in Atlanta and North Georgia. In fact, it is one of the top information technology companies in Atlanta. We specialize in providing small to medium-sized businesses with IT services and IT support. One of the most crucial and important things we do for our clients is to provide them with Watchguard Firewall support.

Outsourcing Watchguard Firewall Support: Can it Be Done?

It takes a lot of time and attention to make sure a firewall is working properly at all times. In fact, it needs round the clock monitoring. Hackers do not take time off from their evil deeds, so you must not allow your company to take time off from firewall protection and support. Rather than hiring a person or a team to work in-house and be responsible for this task, plenty of small to medium-sized businesses choose to outsource it. Leaving Watchguard Firewall support in the hands of professionals is a simple, economic solution that provides peace of mind and a constant business atmosphere of digital protection that all employees can rely on.

In fact, when you hire a good outsourcer from among the top information technology companies in Atlanta, like Centerpoint IT, you will find that we can not only offer you monitoring and support, but we can also install the program for you in the first place. This is a great service because it means the firewall will be set up to work at its best and do the job it was meant to do from the beginning. This just makes it easier for your outsourcing professionals to do their jobs and keep your computers and servers safe.

It is best to have one company that does it all like this, because then there will be no questions about what another company did, or having to train a new company to become familiar with how things were set up and done before them. Centerpoint IT can be this company for you, as it handles all three crucial components of firewall support:

  • Setup and installation
  • Maintenance
  • Support

What is it Like Working with Centerpoint IT?

As one of the top information technology companies in AtlantaCenterpoint IT is a smooth and professional company to work with from the beginning. If you need to get started working with us, all it takes is a simple online chat. Just go to our website, initiate a live chat, let us know what you need, and provide a phone number. Someone from our company will call you almost immediately after the chat, or as soon thereafter as possible, and discuss your needs and expectations with you.

If your company’s needs and expectations are in alignment with what Centerpoint IT offers, the business relationship can begin. Experts will be sent to your location (or locations, if you have more than one) to get things set up, do training on computer safety with your employees, and establish a method of monitoring the health and wellbeing of your firewall from a remote location. They will always be able to monitor your firewall after this and will alert you immediately if there are any issues.

Of course, the issues will usually be taken care of before you get the call, which is how good our company is at what it does. In the unlikely circumstance that something needs to be done from your end to help facilitate the firewall being fixed, you will be informed and advised as to what to do. In most cases, though, the issue will be taken care of by Centerpoint IT’s professionals, any holes in the firewall will be fixed, and then you will be informed as to what happened and what was done to fix it.

It is that easy and hands-off for you and your employees. This alone makes it a worthwhile business investment. You would pay far more to have people doing this for you in-house. Plus, with Centerpoint IT, you know you are working with highly trained professionals.