Getting to Know “View.”

Welcome to The View Archive—Centerpoint’s Next Generation, Enterprise Information Archiving and Search Platform!

View is the first analytics-driven archiving solution that lets business users like you preserve, search and act on your unstructured communications data. This way you can derive more meaningful and actionable business insights from your communications.Are you tired of going through dozens (or even hundreds) of pages of emails to find what you need? With View, you won’t have to. 

You’ll have fast access to the most relevant information using various search methods.  Simply search for words or terms, and drill down by sender, recipient, date, hold status or any other indexed element.  Results are provided quickly, or you can modify your search criteria if needed for different results.

View provides continual scrolling with dynamic asset loading, drastically reducing the time you spend trying to find particular emails. It even remembers the last few places you viewed.

Plus, View:

  • Provides Advanced Query options if the simple search isn’t enough.
  • Places the contents of a search on hold for a later date.
  • Let’s you save a search, export it, or share it with authorized users.

Centerpoint’s View is the most efficient way to search for, view and produce your archived digital communications.

View can be managed by your system administrator so it’s relevant to your specific needs. Plus, your system administrator can control who has what access to information across the organization.  (Unless modified, individuals can only view their own email information.)  And, administrators always have access to logs to review what’s transpired.

Stop spending hours searching for emails, or losing sleep over what you can’t find.  Contact the experts at Centerpoint IT for a complimentary demonstration of what View can do for your business.  (404) 781-0200