LifeSize Videoconferencing

Large as Life Presence and More Productivity for Less

With a LifeSize videoconferencing system from Centerpoint Direct, your small to midsized business can have the best of all possible IT investments: a technology solution that delivers on the promise of natural, real-time visual communication at a price that’s as pleasing as its quality and ease of use.

Enterprise-Class Quality Made Practical and Affordable

The technology and design innovations incorporated into LifeSize systems not only eliminate the out-of-synch conversations and jerky motions of last-generation videoconferencing, but also reduce the expense and complexity of true 21st-century live communications.

With our LifeSize solutions, even small enterprises can have it all:


  • State-of-the-art High Definition video: Razor-sharp resolution enables participants to read facial expressions, follow complex procedures, and examine detailed images such as blueprints, engineering diagrams, and x-rays.
  • Enhanced audio quality: minimizes distracting interference from nearby cell phones and digital devices; conversations come through clearly.
  • Plug-and-play deployment: Your system can be up and running within 15 minutes—and takes little or no training to use.
  • Easy, cost-effective centralized management: No need to invest in multiple management platforms—you can control all the local and remote video devices in your multi-vendor network from a secure Web connection.

Bottom-line benefits

  • Increased productivity: Empower your workforce to be everywhere you do business without ever leaving the office.
  • Reduced travel expenses: Work with teams, train employees, and visit with customers in remote locations, while avoiding mounting transportation costs.
  • Better business relationships: Face-to-face meetings with clients and business partners improve communications and build trust.