Employee Tracking Tool Veriato 360 Provides the Solution to Productivity Problems for Atlanta Businesses

The issue of employee misconduct and time-wasting in the workplace is reaching epidemic proportions. Are you doing enough to counteract this negative and costly trend in your work environment? If not, we have the answer you’re in search of.

Are Your Employees Changing the Context of Their Emails?

The need for direct and open communication between employers and employees is at a critical level. With employee misconduct making up a large part of incidence of cyber threat and data breach, the facts and figures show how the lack of cyber safety education on the part of employers (who can outsource this service from IT consulting firms) can be disastrous – both in cyber breach and loss of productivity costs.

Employees in many instances are not taking seriously their responsibility to keep email communications formal instead of casual or personal. The blame for this falls (mostly) on their employers’ heads, who need to be proactive and teach workplace cyber safety and rules of conduct the same as OSHA rules are applied and strictly followed in the light industry, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

This phenomenon is so prevalent it is considered by human resources specialists as one of the costliest forms of counterproductive work behavior. According to Wikipedia, “It has been suggested that cyber-loafing is responsible for a 30–40% decrease in employee productivity.”

As attorney Ellie Lichtash points out, “The informality of email often encourages its users to lose their inhibitions and reservations and to communicate with an unusual degree of candor and recklessness. As a result of email’s ease of use and informal nature, some employees may make derogatory statements about a co-worker, circulate off-color or sexually explicit jokes or pictures, make bigoted remarks, or even make overt or implied threats.”

According to Orange, a student journal of technical communication, “Employees’ misunderstanding of email in the workplace has in part stemmed from employers not being direct about the need to monitor it. By being clear and straightforward, companies can reduce [worker] misuse and ultimately the need for such intrusive email monitoring.”

Other damaging forms of employee counterproductivity include sabotage and theft, many incidents of which can be related to cyber crimes in the workplace – a huge problem globally. This suggests already-malcontent, temp hires, or unethical employees, not necessarily to an uneducated or uncaring workforce, but the effect is the same where user access to your business IT network is concerned.

Veriato 360 Sharply Curbs Employee Cyber-Loafing

Luckily, Centerpoint provides an excellent employee tracking tool in the form of Veriato 360, a proven business solution which Atlanta businesses can utilize for employee productivity tracking, monitoring and efficiency enhancement. It will certainly make your staff think twice about loafing on mobile phones and social media when they know they have a general conduct review approaching and they’re being watched.

The Veriato 360 employee monitoring tool is very efficient in keeping staff members on task and appropriately focused. Many companies that had serious issues with decreased employee productivity and who implemented Veriato 360 on their networks are now reaping the beneficial effects this product is having in their workplaces.

Are you ready to ramp-up your employee productivity levels?

We Have the Answer to Your Employee Productivity Problems

Veriato 360 is one very useful tool among the many business intelligence solutions Centerpoint offers to businesses in Atlanta. Increased staff productivity and far less wasted time and money can be yours, simply by calling a Centerpoint IT consultant today at 404.781.0200 or emailing us at sales@centerpoint.com to get started.