Veriato 360 Offers a Potent Solution for Higher Business Intelligence in Atlanta

Many Atlanta businesses are in search of ways to rein-in wasted time by their employees. Some are finding the solutions they need, while others continue to suffer the adverse effects of employees spending too much time on social media, as one prominent example. So, where can you find better business intelligence solutions in Atlanta?

Lucky for Atlanta business owners, Centerpoint provides an excellent employee tracking tool in the form of Veriato 360. This is an effective business intelligence solution which Atlanta businesses can utilize for employee productivity tracking and monitoring, resulting in increased efficiency and fewer company dollars wasted.

Veriato 360 Keeps Employees Motivated and On-Task

The Veriato 360 employee monitoring tool keeps staff members with “wandering eyes” on task and appropriately focused. Many companies that had serious issues with decreased employee productivity and who installed Veriato 360 on their networks are now enjoying the benefits this product is having in their workplaces.

Veriato 360 will also cause your staff to think twice about loafing on mobile phones and social media when they know they have a general conduct review approaching and they’re being watched!

And because employees, in many instances, are not taking seriously their responsibility to keep email communications formal instead of casual or personal, a more proactive effort to teach workplace cyber safety should accompany the use of tools like Veriato 360.

In fact, the phenomenon of “cyberloafing” is so prevalent, human resources specialists are calling it one of the costliest forms of counterproductive work behavior. According to Wikipedia, “It has been suggested that cyber-loafing is responsible for a 30–40% decrease in employee productivity.”

Veriato 360 Teaches Cyber and Email Safety While It Monitors Staff

The informality of email can encourage its users to lose their sense of propriety and to communicate with an unusual degree of reckless candor. Which, of course, can soil the company image at best. At worst, it opens the door to a cyber breach by the fact of employees’ casual and cavalier attitudes towards email propriety and safety.

“Employees’ misunderstanding of email in the workplace has in part stemmed from employers not being direct about the need to monitor it. By being clear and straightforward, companies can reduce [worker] misuse and ultimately the need for such intrusive email monitoring.” (Source: Orange, a student journal of technical communication.)

With Veriato 360 hard at work monitoring users on your business network, you get a cyber and email safety watchdog and teacher all in one easy-to-administer business intelligence tool.

Get Your Employee Productivity Issues Solved Now

Veriato 360 presents a solution for better business intelligence Atlanta businesses can profit from, with measured results found in increased staff productivity and much less wasted company time and money. Call a Centerpoint IT consultant today at 404.781.0200, or email us at for more information.