Using the Cloud to Make HIPAA Compliance Easy: Email

Unregulated email is like the Wild West. Employees can shoot off any information whenever they want, wherever they want and to anybody. Security breaches can happen easily. As a firm practicing in the healthcare industry, you can be sued for what your employees do or say. The cloud offers a simple way to ensure email security and HIPAA compliance.

Having worked with healthcare providers, we understand your email data is not as sensitive as Electronic Health Records (EHR). It can be pushed to the public cloud permanently if that will help your business operations. And with the frenzied pace of new regulations, pushing your email to the cloud can save a lot of time.

HIPAA Compliance in a Single Check-Box

Our cloud services simplifies HIPAA compliance. It is literally as easy as checking the HIPAA Compliance box when you setup your email services. Our service updates your basic security functions according to current standards. It even updates those standards as new regulations come down the pipeline, so you can relax and focus on helping patients.

The package affects numerous components of your email service, including:

  • Inbound and outbound filtering – Filtering gives business owners control. Beyond the controls required for HIPAA compliance, you can create additional filters. This allows you to adapt to potential incoming and outgoing security threats should any arise.
  • Email Encryption – When employees send sensitive information, that information needs to be safe. Encryption services allows you to set up automatic actions for specified data. When a social security number or other designated data type is recognized, the system can either inform the appropriate party, encrypt the data on the fly, or block the message altogether. The action is up to you.
  • Archiving – All emails are saved and stored in a secure location to be retrieved when you need them.

Creating a secure environment for your data is crucial to the success of your healthcare organization. We ensure the highest level of security through our partnership with Dell SonicWall. They keep your information safe from external tampering. Our email services maintain the safety of your communications as they are allowed inside and outside your network.