Useful and Convenient Cloud-Enabled Fitness Gadgets – Part 1

We love gadgets, technology and data, especially if they are innovative. That’s why we’ve taken such an interest in the latest health gadgets on the market.

One year ago, Centerpoint co-founder, Wayne Gosselin, started to research health gadgets to see if his personal training regimen might benefit. He focuses on cycling but also trains for a triathlons, running and swimming, as well. When he searched the market for ways to keep track of his training, he was pleasantly surprised by the integration of cloud technology in new health solutions.

Groundbreaking Health & Fitness IT Gadgets

Cloud integration allows you to easily schedule, record and track your progress while training for an event, or even just for personal health concerns. These three pieces of health monitoring hardware can be setup to communicate with each other automatically. The result is a powerful solution for your personal fitness.

  1. Endomondo: one of the most popular fitness apps, Endomondo runs on your smartphone. It works for any number of activities, including road biking, mountain biking, running, walking and a long list of other activities. Cloud-enabled, endomondo synchronizes with a wide range of websites, devices, and apps. If you want, you can turn on your GPS to track distance and speed. The data is aggregated on the Endomondo portal, analyzed and spit out as detailed statistics on your progress.
  2. Zephyr HxM Heartrate Monitor: The Zephyr Heartrate Monitor is a streamlined consumer health technology. Bluetooth-enabled, the monitor communicates through your phone and automatically sends data to Endomondo.
  3. Withings Scale: This scale connects to the Internet through your home’s Wi-Fi, instantly recognizing you and up to three other members of the family. Your weight and body mass index (BMI) is then automatically updated via a cloud portal.

Storing these various types of data in one source has brought the usefulness and convenience of health tech to a new level. We hope the cloud brings a powerful addition to your fitness regimen.