Top 5 Security Concerns for Small Businesses

Information technology levels the playing field and enables small businesses to compete with larger corporations. Advantages like converged voice and data networks and wireless solutions help you provide an advanced level of services. Just a few years ago, these services were reserved for in-house, dedicated staff and expensive on-premise solutions. Now, your business can respond to changing customer needs deftly, turning to address emerging niche opportunities before the larger battleship corporations can alter course. But in order to continue functioning properly, these assets need to be protected.

Small Business Security

A good is not worth what you pay for it; a goods value is determined by the highest bidder. The technology services you purchase are similarly worth exactly how much you earn by utilizing them to their fullest advantage. Threats to your information security, if successful, take away the value of your technology. If a worm or virus takes down your network, you might lose business profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our security partner, Dell Sonicwall, understands that protection is a multi-faceted area. It requires a great firewall, as well as an awareness of the threats out there. They listed your top 5 security threats of 2013 to help you and your employees keep your guard up.

  1. Worms and viruses – 79% of businesses will suffer from threats of this type over the next year.
  2. Information theft – Hackers can work through multiple interactions and platforms to steal sensitive data, from credit cards to social security numbers.
  3. Legislation and compliance – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guards consumer data against piracy and theft. New legislation is rapidly changing the rules for compliance.
  4. Business continuity – Interruptions in business operations can throw small businesses into bankruptcy.
  5. The Unknown

As a small business, you may not have the resources required to recover from a security breach. The firewalls we put into place protect you against worms, viruses and other malware, the number one threat to your security. We actively update your firewall to address emerging threats because your technology should be simple and secure.