The Centerpoint Difference, in Two Photos

When a client asked us to take over for their prior IT company, we went in and opened up their server closet. We found this:

Does this look like an organized, efficient way of sending, storing and receiving information?

You have to admit, the state of disarray would give some reason for concern, at least in any other aspect of your life. Imagine walking into your CFO’s office and finding this:

Not in our office!

You would probably ask him what was happening, anything with the kids or the wife, is everything OK? Meanwhile, in the back of your head insecurity would gnaw at the corners of your mouth and threaten to turn your concern into worry, then panic. The first thing to do after leaving would be to run to check the business account balance, because this office has bankruptcy written all over it.

But many business owners think that if IT works, period, then that is good enough. If the CFO is in the office, then everything is fine.

But the fact of the matter is that organization saves time. And time is value. Businesses should expect a level of professionalism commensurate with the rest of their staff.

Here’s the “after” photo:

Would this give you a bit more confidence that someone cares about your network and can take care of it?

Does Physical Cleanliness Really Matter for IT Functionality?

Beyond confidence and security, organization is a key component of proper IT functionality. We did much more for our new client than clean up the physical appearance of their server closet. Their servers and storage area network (SAN) also benefited from adjustments, tailored to suit their business needs and optimize functionality to achieve the highest value and performance.

It is undoubtedly true that the inside is what counts, especially in IT, but how else are you going to judge the efficacy of your IT team?

The same way you judge any professional – by their resume, references and appearance.