The Best Parts of IT to Outsource to the Cloud

iStock_000019467562XSmallInstead of choosing to outsource all IT needs, many companies pick and choose their services. With an eye on strategy, they optimize their IT portfolio to provide the greatest return.

Convenience and Synchronization

No matter the service, whether it be email, security management, or IT recovery, devices are synchronized through an easily accessible cloud portal.

Cloud solutions save manpower because they are easy to use. You don’t need special training to access data or synchronize devices.

Because cloud services are centralized in a data center, syncing computers and new devices is quick. Let’s say you choose to outsource your email. You get a new device, sync up to the server, and all your email becomes immediately available to you. After initiation, the added convenience saves even more work time.

Improved Dependability

When you move a service to the cloud, you are placing that service in the hands of expert technicians, state-of-the-art technology, and a dedicated team.

Tier 3 or 4 data centers are tightly controlled. Not only do they have their own power generators, they control the temperature of the hardware to optimize performance. Multiple, high bandwidth Internet connections send and receive your data. Performance is very high, and the chance of a malfunction is practically nonexistent.


On the cloud, your services are backed up with multiple copies. If one fails, then another activates. Servers can be upgraded or fail entirely in the data center, but your IT functionality continues uninterrupted.

Service Options

The cloud/utility solution allows you to rent services as you go, so add-ons are easy to manage. Simply turn them on and off. For instance, many of our clients in healthcare benefit from the convenience of HIPAA compliance filtering. All they do is check the compliancy box. Service initiates immediately, and their monthly cost is adjusted accordingly.