The Best Email Archiving Solution for Office 365

email-archiving-small-300x200The standard archiving service that comes with Office 365 isn’t really archiving. That’s because after 30 days, deleted emails and file attachments are deleted permanently. They are finito. Fin. Mortum. Killing-cursed.


That spells trouble when businesses accidentally delete important emails. Months later, when a client comes back, or a government agency asks for information, the business can come up empty-handed – with no way to recover.


Sometimes these mistakes are inexpensive, but sometimes they can be devastating.


For years, Microsoft has offered email archiving, but their offer is designed for enterprises only. And even for enterprises, the solution is costly (E3 Plan costs $20 per user per month).


Sonian – Better Email Archiving for Less

We have identified the best email archiving solution for the 365 users in our market. Sonian provides true email archiving at just $16 per user per month. That is a 20% reduction in rate, and their plan goes above and beyond.


For starters, user deleted emails and file attachments are preserved forever – no matter how much storage is needed. The archive scales with you – with no additional charge.


Sonian’s email archiving also features a powerful document search, giving the ability to scour the full text of emails, as well as 500 types of file attachments. When the archive becomes cluttered with information, searching for specific files can significantly reduce the results pool, enabling users to find their digital quarry effortlessly.


Sonian is a 3rd party add-on to Microsoft 365, which gives you archiving in one place. It is essentially single-user Disaster Recovery. We recommend Sonian for 6 great reasons:


  • Search
  • Storage
  • Preservation
  • Scalability
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Ease of Use


For more information, check out this infographic about the differences between Office 365’s email archiving and Sonian, or give us a call. We are always on the lookout for the best cloud apps for SMBs, and we thoroughly check any potential vendors before making a recommendation. We value trust and quality, because that’s what makes IT simple.