The 5 Pillars of Your IT-Empowered Communications Strategy


Hint: IT infrastructure is not the starting point. It is the last resort.


So what if the server comes first in terms of how we install a communications platform? It comes last in how we develop a communications strategy. The handset is just a tool, and any processor will suffice.


As long as the server can sling 1s and 0s across the world at the right frequency and speed, it will do. A server is faceless.


We start with those aspects of communication that are irreplaceable: the business’ stakeholders. For a deeper look into those stakeholders, read last week’s blog: “The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Developing a Competitive Communications Strategy.”


On top of people, we place applications. What applications will your company use internally? What will face customers? This defines the real “how” of your communications: how stakeholders will interface with each other.


Once we have the applications, then we can analyze potential solutions. The solution will blend together those applications to create the simplest, most effective system that “speaks” to each stakeholder on the level they want. We appraise our prospective solutions according to these 5 pillars, which define simplicity and effectiveness.


  1. Easy to Use – Stakeholders must be able to adopt the system easily, or training and implementation costs will rise.

  2. Easy to Deploy – This is the voice of practicality. Can we rollout the system effectively and quickly?

  3. Easy to Manage – Once the system is in place, how simple is it to understand?

  4. Easy to Administer – Can we add workers to the system efficiently? Is privacy straightforward?

  5. Easy to Support – Which companies are responsible for what issues? Will the implementation company also maintain certain functions? What will the Value-Added-Reseller control? Are there warranties from the Original Equipment Manufacturer?

Taking these 5 pillars into consideration, we evaluate potential systems and isolate the best-fit solution for our clients. Simple. Effective. Fast.