Technical Expertise

Benefit from a reliable IT partner with expansiveknowledge and technical expertise.

Centerpoint IT Direct is always looking forwards in order to provide innovation and reliability for our clients. Our services are designed to increase your productivity, eliminate privacy and security concerns, maximize IT investments, and improve overall operations.

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Centerpoint IT provides expert technology support.

Choosing a generalized IT support provider assumes a number of risks; many support companies that lack a true understanding of your needs provide only the most basic support solutions. We are proud to boast a skilled and reliable team that provides our clients with expert care and people-oriented support. The Centerpoint IT advantage offers peace of mind through our skilled leadership and technical teams.

Centerpoint IT is proud to offer technical expertise with a wide range of popular business technologies, including:


Business VoIP: Whereas most VoIP vendors are often too big to service small to medium-sized businesses, and smaller IT firms can’t effectively optimize VoIP technology, Centerpoint IT proudly services this unique industry middle-ground. Our team uses Allworx’s industry proven Unified Communications (UC) solution to equip clients with an unbeatable business phone system.


Virtualization: Our skilled team will optimize and consolidate your network server infrastructure using VMware/HyperV: technology to provide resiliency and improved performance.


Advanced Server/SAN Hardware Sales: We are a fully-certified IBM and Lenovo partner for advanced server and SAN products such as X-Series servers, V7000, V3700, and more.


Telecommunications: Our team has the expertise to assist with WAN design and procurement to bring your business true end-to-end support.


Security and Disaster Recovery: As SonicWall Gold and StorageCraft partners with advanced edge security and routing expertise, Centerpoint IT offers superior backup and disaster recovery services to keep your vital data secure and accessible.

Our team is ready to help your firm leverage the full power of innovative technology to improve your workflow. We will customize solutions for your business technology needs in a way that other providers will not be able to match.

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