Tech Consulting v. Management Consulting

When you're trying to run your business, figuring out the types of services offered by different types of consulting companies can be a difficult process, especially when you're trying to run your business in the meantime.

Tech Consulting v. Management Consulting

When you’re trying to run your business, figuring out the types of services offered by different types of consulting companies can be a difficult process, especially when you’re trying to run your business in the meantime. Are you trying to solve specific technical issues, or are you trying to form an overall strategy to incorporate technology across your entire business? Depending on your situation, you may need to look at hiring a specific type of consultant. But what type of consultant should you hire for your project type? Here’s a quick overview of both types of consultants to help you get started.

When should you hire a tech consultant?

Tech consulting is a great option when you’re working on operational issues. Unlike IT consultants, who work on integration, tech consultants focus on your current operation. This can include mapping a specific process, have someone troubleshoot the problem, and determine a better process to get things done. Tech consultants are typically in high demand and often specialize in specific issues that they can resolve. Your business may work with multiple tech consulting companies, which in turn will work with several other clients.

However, because of the work’s process-oriented nature, many tech consultants will offer the same solutions to every client, which can be frustrating when you need unique solutions for your business. Though tech consultants have certain expertise, they tend to approach problems the same way, rather than offer sound strategies that allow you to move your business forward all together. This makes them great to help solve your ongoing issues, but not necessarily the best bet for forging a solid strategy for your company’s future.

Is it time to look at a management consultant?

By comparison, management consultants are big-picture people. They have a good grasp of what the technology can do for you but aren’t necessarily directly implementing it. They’ll help you look at what kind of changes your company will need to make across multiple departments or divisions so that everything works more efficiently. An example of where you should consider hiring a management consultant is developing a sound digital transformation strategy so that you are implementing an entire plan rather than small changes that may not work together in the end.

Management consultants help you find customized solutions for your business, taking into account all aspects that make your company unique. This allows you to keep the factors that make your company a success while allowing digital transformation or other strategies to help grow your business, such as communications, outstanding customer service, specific aspects of company culture, and other areas that you don’t want disrupting by the overall shift in strategy. Because of the overall approach towards customization and strategy, hiring a management consultant to fix a standard operational issue may cost a lot more than hiring a tech consultant for the same issue.

Whether your business needs tech consulting or management consulting, understanding the basic differences between these two types of professionals can help you make a smarter decision about what type of consultant to hire for your company’s needs. Ready to get started? Just contact us today with questions or concerns.