Cyber-Threats Constantly Evolving and Developing More Sophisticated Means of Attack

Atlanta Business owners looking for ways to stay informed and protected now more than ever

The rate of cybercrimes is on the rise; specifically, cybercrimes targeted at small to mid-sized businesses. The most challenging element of cybercrime is the fact that threats are constantly evolving, getting smarter and better at breaching security to access or steal business data. Even one cyberattack can cause a company to lose huge amounts of time, money, data or all three.

One of the biggest challenges business-owners face when dealing with cyber-threats is knowing the most effective ways not only to protect their systems but also to inform their users. Because cyber threats can take countess forms and use sophisticated manipulation tactics to gain access to critical system data, the best defense against cybercrime is ensuring your staff act as continuously diligent frontline protection.

As long time SonicWall Partners, Atlanta’s Centerpoint IT has decided to take their cybersecurity strategy and expertise to the people! Centerpoint IT is inviting Atlanta business-owners to become better informed about cybersecurity through an exclusive lunch and learn event. The Take Aim at Cyber-Threats event will be held on Wednesday December 14th 2016 from 2:00-5:00pm at SharpShooters USA shooting range in Roswell. SonicWall and Centerpoint will co-host the event offering keen tips and expertise for attendees to use in the fight against cybercrime. To keep things fun, the informative event will be followed by lunch, tactical training from the SharpShooters team and a session in the 24-lane firing range. Attendees must register and full registration details can be found at:

Because this is such a pressing issue, Centerpoint IT would like to extend an invitation to media members so the awareness can be shared as far and wide as possible. “The more that business owners and their staff members continually hear about these issues, their unpredictable nature and they various ways to stay protected, the less open they leave their business data to breach.” Centerpoint CTO, Wayne Gosselin claims. “Our partnership with SonicWall alongside our field experience has really given us a really helpful knowledge base that we’re eager to share with other business owners. It’s all about sharing information and staying aware – that’s the only way to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals.”

If you’d like to connect your business minded audience with more information about these threats, strategies to stay vigilant and further details about this lunch and learn event, please don’t hesitate to contact Wayne Gosselin, CTO with Centerpoint IT. Furthermore, if you’d like to attend the lunch and learn event to learn more, please RSVP via the information provided below. 

Wayne Gosselin, CTO – Centerpoint IT, Inc.


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to deliver on the promise of new technology for small and mid-sized business by making IT simple. In order to be more than a full-service business IT partner and phone system provider, Centerpoint focuses on taking the uncertainty and hassle out of what is an often complicated and critical area of business. Cutting through the noise of changing technology is where Centerpoint adds value to businesses. Centerpoint believes in delivering effective, affordable and simple services such as managed IT, cloud, hardware, network security, disaster recovery, connectivity solutions and business phone systems. This helps business owners to form the essential foundation for success so employees can focus on doing what makes them successful.