Strategic IT Planning for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are demanding more technology for their patients. IT is evolving, and healthcare organizations are in need of a strategic healthcare plan. Start by developing a strategic, tactical plan to ensure the value of their IT and how it can benefit them now — and in the future. Consider best practices to illustrate and demonstrate the use of IT.


Let’s talk about the patient experience and how information technology can improve the overall experience at the organization. What can be done electronically? It’s important to emphasize those facets of technology the patient sees most.

A strategic plan that spans a time period of a few years through many years in the future establishes long-term goals. Ask the experts to develop a plan aligned with the organization’s mission statement.

Tactical plans create short-term goals to help achieve long-term goals. A short plan can cover weeks to months, and documents are required for projects and timelines. Balancing healthcare needs with IT needs is a challenge since they are very different. Standardization of software programs can help increase efficiency in entering, storing and accessing information.

The staff requires a workflow that is accessible with all devices integrated with the right technology. Prioritize the workforce with the computing required to remedy current weaknesses and acquire new processes and skills to remedy new problems.

Here are key components to a successful healthcare organization IT strategic plan:

  • Mission and vision statements – Establish a set of planning categories to cover all aspects of the operations
  • Time frame/life cycle – Life cycles can extend from three to five years into the future
  • Needs assessment – An improvements’ plan of action that is updated allowing expansion
  • IT initiatives – Schedule planned IT meetings on a regular basis
  • Performance targets – Establish what is required to meet patient and staff needs
  • Metrics – Select a quantifiable measurement tool to assess and target the life cycle
  • IT governance structure – Oversee and coordinate an implementation plan

Does your healthcare organization have a strategic IT plan of action?