Stair-Stepping Up to a Zero-Client Network Infrastructure


Transitioning from a typical workstation environment to a zero-client infrastructure is like shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

You have come to rely on your IT network, as is. You have pushed a whole lot of chips into the pot to ensure its proper functionality. Your servers and Storage Area Network (SAN) might not be your life’s work, but your life’s work depends on them.

Then we tell you about this new, zero-client thing, how this new way of organizing your IT processing and storage resources will bring your IT to the next level. We throw these return on investment figures (ROI) at you. Namely, this advancement will cost less in 3 years than repurposing your existing PCs. Sounds great, you say.

The catch is: you will need to say “sayonara” to those PCs. You know, the workstations that have pumped information through the carotid arteries of your life’s work, for years. Just those flimsy, old stacks of wafers.

Reasons to Transition Slowly to a Zero-Client Infrastructure

We understand that gutting your workstations sounds harsh and apathetic, and there are some good financial reasons to integrate your clients slowly. You probably have some PCs in need of repurposing right now, but there are plenty of others with another year or two of life in them. Why would you stop using the tools you have already purchased? The same is true of your servers. Unless you bought your business’ IT resources – all at the same time – you will probably optimize your expenditures through a step-by-step upgrade.

How the Zero-Client Upgrade Progresses from 0% to 100%

We sell Zero-Client Upgrades in 10-packs, and you choose when and which clients to upgrade. If you only have one workstation to change over, then we come in and upgrade it, waiting until more machines require the switch. This tactic not only allows the full utilization of your current IT resources, it allows your workforce to feel the difference, as they accelerate into a higher gear.